Published On : Fri, Mar 27th, 2020

‘Niraamayaa Bhava!’ an initiative to Know about COVID-19 by City Author

“Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of” Stephen Hawking.

Corona Virus has affected over 120 countries and is a threat to humanity. The world is standing together to fight this battle! But is it enough?

The Indian Government has taken early precautionary steps to tackle this pandemic and has been successful to date. Various campaigns are promoted to raise awareness. We, as a group of young enthusiasts, have taken an initiative to work with the Government and together help the fellow citizens. This is an initiative by Siddharth Roy, a 21-year-old author and community developer who previously donated all the profits of his book ‘The Special Fish’ to CM Relief fund and Niranjan Jadhav who is a CA by profession and is involved with various non-profit organisations to promote human welfare. Dr. Aarzoo Meghrajani will handle the operational part of the advisory. The dynamic doctors associated with this initiative are –

Dr. Shailendra Mundhada, MD Pathology and MS Immunology
Dr. Aarzoo Meghrajani, MBBS
Dr. Satish Deopujari, MD Paediatrics
Dr Geeta Pedgaonkar, MD Paediatrics and MA Psychology
Dr Devika Jadhav, MD Anaesthesia
Dr Madhavi Deshmukh, MD Microbiology
Dr Shreya Kate, BDS
Dr Nishi Roy, MS ENT

The world is under the fear of Corona Virus. Doctors face the threat of exposure to the virus. Even patients are afraid to report their conditions because of fear of long queues and isolation. To solve this bridge we have initiated an initiative titled ‘Niraamayaa Bhava!’ (Stay Healthy) It is an online platform through which patients obtain digital consultancy and does not get exposed to the virus primarily.

Step 1 – Patients can directly reach out to doctors on their WhatsApp number – 7020844301.

Step 2 – After the doctor who is handling the portal receives the message, he/she will send a questionnaire or a symptom sheet to know the basic patient profile and their travel history.

Step 3 – The doctor then analyses the response sheet and provide solution online through Whatsapp and if needed, will set up mutual call time (Video/Telephonic)

Step 4 – The patients can get suggestions and advice regarding their health. If the symptoms are severe, the patient will be advised to meet the doctor physically, or any alternative course of action will be suggested.

Step 5 – If the doctor feels there is no primary concern, then patients will be advised to get the required medicines or get necessary tests done.

Nagpur District Administration along with Honourable Collector Mr. Ravindra Thakare has extended full support to this initiative. Dhruv Pathology & Molecular Diagnostic Lab will be helping us out with the research aspects.

Parindey Youth Foundation, an NGO, is providing us with volunteers for the task. Under this situation, citizens are requested not to panic. In case they fear any risk, contact us on our Whatsapp helpline and get the necessary help