Published On : Fri, Jan 4th, 2013

New Year Dhamaka on Table No 21 – Book karu !

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Next Gen Films Production
Eros International

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•    Genre

•    Producer
Viki Rajani
Sunil A Lulla

•    Star Cast
Rajeev Khandelwal…. Vivaan
Tena Desae…. Siya
Paresh Rawal…. Mr. Khan
Dhruv Ganesh
Hanif Hilal
Asheesh Kapur

•    Story / Writers
Sheershak Anand
Shantanu Ray Chhibber

Nagpur Today: Table No 21 is an action thriller, that revolves around the life of a middle-class couple Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya Agasthi (Tena Desae). The couple win a chance to make a trip to the beautiful islands of Fiji.

They get to stay in one of the finest resorts in Fiji, free of cost. Everything seemed really great, until the couple met the charming Mr Khan (Paresh Rawal). This is when Mr Khan ask them to play the ‘tell all truth’ game that he hosts. The best part about this game was that the winner would get a staggering Rs 21 crores.

The couple takes up the challenge. The game kick starts with the couple performing impressively well, managing to both speak the truth as well as complete the tasks thrown at them.

As the game proceeds, the questions and tasks become more intense, demanding and surprisingly personal, relating to significant parts of their lives.

Vivaan and Siya are stuck in a rut, as one important rule that they’re reminded of is that they aren’t allowed to quit midway. By the time they realize that their survival depends on the game, it’s too late to do anything about it.

Will Vivaan and Siya be able to figure out who Mr. Khan really is and beat him at his own game?

While the basic premise of TABLE NO. 21 is fascinating, intriguing enough for a suspense thriller setup, the screenwriting packages a series of realistic sequences and episodes that catch you unaware.

What starts off as a love story gradually transforms into serious stuff and the suspense and drama plays on your mind even after you’ve made an exit from the dark auditorium? A slick thriller, the film makes you uneasy [towards the conclusion] due to the stark reality it portrays and that, in my opinion, is one of the triumphs of the film.

Director Aditya Datt pulls off the innovative concept with élan, as the game as well as the back stories leave you gasping for breath. You might draw parallels with some Hollywood movies, but the message it drives home and the way it terminates makes the viewer in you satiated.

While one is itching to describe a few sequences and unravel the course of the film during the penultimate stages, it would be unfair on my part to spill the beans. The beauty of the film will be to watch it without knowing anything and absorbing it like a sponge, since it’s a film about characters and conflict with a big revelation. I’d like to make a special mention of its writing [story-screenplay: Shantanu Ray and Sheershak Anand; additional screenplay and dialogue: Abhijeet Deshpande], which leaves no scope for loopholes.

In fact, like I pointed at the very outset, the writing demands that you stay alert and attentive, else you might lose chunks in the plot. The sole deterrent is its slow pacing in its first hour.

Lets talk about music, Music is given by Gajendra Verma and the music is on Eros music. The title song, ‘If You Lie, You Die’ is by Neeraj Shridhar & Jaspreet Jazz which was released on 5th December.
The romantic song ‘Mann Mera’ is by Gajendra Verma. This song was released as a single track on 12th December.

So my dear friends, if you are looking for something very different this week so book a ticket now for TABLE NO 21.

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