Published On : Fri, Sep 5th, 2014

New “BeingFoodie Foods & Beverages” company launched in Nagpur

02Nagpur News: A foods & beverages company “BeingFoodie Foods & Beverages”  was launched in the city on Saturday, September 5 with which will cater new products “Nagpuri Special – Saoji Masala, Shahi Garam Masala, And Bhiwapuri Red Chilli Powder.”

Addressing a press conference organized at Lotus Grand Restaurant, Khamla in the city, owner of “BeingFoodie Foods & Beverages” Harshal Ramteke said that the reason behind launching the Foods & Beverages Products is to make it possible for the people to enjoy Nagpur’s authentic & quality products at affordable rates. “Our motto is to promote Nagpur’s specialty ingredients and foods all over India and global,” said Ramteke.


“Nagpur is famous for Saoji Masala and the Bhiwapuri Red Chilli Powder is a main attraction in market. Saoji Masala is inspired by the specialty cuisine of Nagpur region named as Saoji Food. BeingFoodie Saoji Masala is the tribute to those Saoji restaurants, especially of Nagpur who have made this preparation an iconic one. Garam Masala which literally mean Hot Spice, is not a spice in itself. It’s a spice blend. Bhiwapuri Mirchi (Chili) has unique characteristics like colour, shape, pungency; is the only type of chili which even if consumed in large quantity, does not have any bad side effects,” said Ramteke.

“We have travelled and made an intense research with our team including our Director-Professional Chef Amol Ramteke. Director Amit Kumar Gokhe is looking after production and market research. We are using original & high quality ingredients. Our motto is to provide best aroma in everyone’s plate & to provide it in lesser price than the market”, quipped Harshal Ramteke.

BeingFoodie is soon launching 18 new spices products and frozen food products, RTC products & beverages in market.