Published On : Sun, Mar 15th, 2015

New all-encompassing legal policies to make Maharashtra a lawful state: CM

  • Work on to many amendments and newer lawyers welfare measures to be taken-up
  • Need for upgrading and rescaling of laws and legal machineries

Nagpur: While addressing the vvaledictory function of State Lawyers’ Conference- 2015 on Sunday, the March 15, 2015 at Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande Hall, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, who was the Chief Guest for the occasion, said that he got delayed since he was holed-up in Rajura as the helicopter could not take off due to the heavy rains and hailstorm in Nagpur. In a lighter vein, he said that Der Aya Par Durust Aya (I came late but I have come for the good).

deshpande cm (13)Fadnavis claimed that whenever he attends such functions especially with legal fraternity, he feels like he is with his own people. While congratulating the organizers of this State Lawyer’s Conference- 2015, he said that legal education has helped him thing of making better laws. He further said  that whichever law was made in the recent times, he did with utmost care and with a futuristic thought. Fadnavis added that lawyers have and are continuing to contribute immensely to the building of the nation.

Increase in Judiciary for expediting judgements


While claiming to be already working on enhancing the judiciary and legal requisites, he said that the Government has already approved an increase of 20% in Lower Judiciary making 19 new-posts of Judges and a significant increase of High Court Judges till around 94 Judges.


This, the CM claimed will help in expediting the delivery of judgements. He claimed that he is working with the Law and Judiciary Committee in order to ensure that common man gets proper justice in real-time. He claimed that they have also started working on various laws that need to be amended.

National School of Law in Nagpur

While speaking about the National School of Law in Nagpur, he said that they have already identified a land near Jamtha Stadium called Kaldongri.

Lawyers’ Chambers

While acquiescing to the demand for chambers for lawyers, he said that the land opposite the High Court is being sought for making chambers for lawyers and work on it will begin in all earnest as soon as possible.

Clearance of pending demands

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis claimed that he is ensuring that all the long-pending demands are slowly but steadily being cleared and redressed. He claimed that he has kept the law and the Judiciary with him so that he could monitor the departments. He claimed that they have started work on the amendments and on infrastructural repairs and approvals of newer infrastructural facilities in various places where they have felt the need.

Need for upgrading and re-scaling

CM claimed that the technology is growing and developing into a fast paced manner. One needs to be updated on a day-to-day basis to keep pace with the technological advancements. This in-turn has some adverse effects too. The unscrupulous elements have started misusing the technological advancements to siphon money from gullible victims. He claimed that there has been a significant increase in IT and economic offenses. The police are not equipped to handle this nor are the laws adequate to penalize the offenders. So the legal fraternity must work together to form newer fool-proof laws to deal with such offenses. While citing an example, he said that he has acquired a degree in law. However, if someone asks him to represent him or her, he may not be able to fight the case, since he is not in sync with the latest laws and amendments. So in his message to the young lawyers, he said that they must keep upgrading their legal knowledge and up-scaling their legal knowledge in sync with the newer crimes.

Assurance of stipend for young lawyers

While addressing the issue of stipend for new lawyers, he said that while the government will definitely look into the proposal of stipends for the young lawyers, he appealed to the senior advocates and legal luminaries to also do something whereby the young lawyers can get some financial support.

New policies

While speaking about the new legal policies, CM Devendra Fadnavis claimed that they are working on enhancing the conviction rate, speedy trials and justice for the common man. He claimed that they are planning to introduce the system wherein the witnesses are prepared before testifying and a room allocated for that in the courts. He also claimed that his government is working on witness protection schemes. He claimed that for the last 4 years, the witness allowance has allegedly not been paid. He claimed that not only will they work towards releasing funds for the allowance; they have increased the allowance to double the amount.

Forensic Sciences

While explaining the need for advanced forensic sciences departments, he claimed that they are planning to start two new forensic laboratories apart from rehashing the existing ones. He claimed that they are planning to introduce Mobile Forensic Laboratories. This will help in collection of vital clues and evidences which will ensure conviction of the real offenders. He claimed that people may turn hostile but forensic evidences will definitely not turn hostile.

Earlier, at the start of the valedictory programmes, senior faculty members of Law Colleges and members of Bar Council were felicitated by High Court Judge Justice Bhushan R Gavai, High Court Judge Justice Vasanti A Naik, Judge of High Court Zaka Ul Haq and Chairman of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa Asif Shaukat Qureshi.

While addressing the gathering, Chairman of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa Asif Shaukat Qureshi brought laughter and lighter moments to the otherwise serious gathering. He put forward a series of demands before the Chief Minister of Maharashtra which include:

1.    Changes in old and obsolete Laws.
2.    Enhancement of Civil Appeal limits to Rupees One crores (presently the age old Act of 1959 is in force)
3.    Pecuniary Jurisdiction to Rs 5 lakhs.
4.    Enhancement of powers to try various cases in Taluka level.
5.    Amendment in Motor-Vehicles Act so that they can be heard in District Courts.
6.    Demand for Maharashtra Advocate Welfare Act. A demand for Rs 10 lakhs from the government towards this.
7.    A demand to bring a Resolution and amend the Code of Criminal Procedure so that the routine chapter proceeding which is presently held in the chambers of police officers can be done by the Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC)
8.    Demand for National Law School at Nagpur and Aurangabad.
9.    New Buildings, Chambers, Multi-level parking facilities, basic amenities like drinking water, toilets etc for clients and advocates.
10.Witness protection

11.Security of Advocates.

12.Vakil Bhavan in Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad.

13.Stipend for Junior Advocates at-least Rs 5000/-.

He went to quote Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said in the Law programme that there is a lot of work to be done, where do we start is what we are thinking. Asif claimed that the Conference which said that the crux of the Law is Court Client and Community. This conference will certainly boost and synergize the young lawyers.

Justice Zaka A Haq, Justice Vasanti Naik and Justice Bhushan Gavai also addressed the audience and expressed their thoughts.

Those who ensured that the State Lawyer’s Conference- 2015, goes smoothly include the members of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa which include Advocate Balwant H Jadhav, Adv. Satish A Deshmukh, Advocate Sunil V Manohar, Adv. A N S Nadkarni, Adv. Pramod P Patil, Adv. Shivajirao B Chauhan, Adv. Babu Singh Gandhi, Adv. Motisingh G Mohta, Adv. Sureshchandra R Bhonsale, Adv. Vasant D Salunke, Adv. Ashok V Patil, Adv. Milind S Thobde, Adv. Harshad V Nimbalkar, Adv. Anil C Singh, Adv. Avinash J Bhide, Adv. Anirudha K Chaube, Adv. Jayant D Jaibhave, Adv. Anil M Gowardipe, Adv. Vittal B Konde-Deshmukh, Adv. Vipin Kumar I Bendale, Adv. Uday P Warunjikar, Adv. Ahmed Khan U Pathan, Adv. Ashish P Deshmukh, Adv. Avinash B Awhad, Adv. N L Chaudhari and Adv. Karan D Bhonsale.