Published On : Mon, Jul 5th, 2021

Netizens unite to say: #SaveAjniVann & #SaveTrees40000+

Save Ajni Vann is now a globally discussed topic as trends on 1st & 2nd spot on Twitter Trends in India!

Nagpur: Showing a big concern over environment conservation, especially to protect the green cover of the city, Nagpurians as well as people across the country came together in unison in opposing indiscriminate cutting of trees in city’s Ajni Vann for the proposed Inter-modal Station (IMS) Project at Ajni Railway Colony.

The online platform — Twitter — was agog with thousands of people tweeting their concerns and tagging the authorities with #SaveAjniVann and #SaveTrees40000+. The topics were trending on #1 & #2 with more than 12000 tweets. This is not the first time #SaveAjniVann has captured twitter. In the recent past, the trend #SaveAjniVann & #SaveTrees40000+ had trended on spots #2 & 3# on June 20 2021 also. It may be noted that such online platforms are providing reach out to global audiences when it comes to highlighting critical issues. Save Ajni Vann is now turning out to become a globally discussed topic.

According to Kunal Mourya, a Twitterati, under the proposed Inter-Modal Station Project construction, a huge green patch in the heart of Nagpur, which is home for over 40,000 trees, is under threat. 4,900 trees are scheduled to be chopped in the 1st phase itself. If the authorities succeed, Nagpur will lose a big source of natural oxygen, habitat for birds and other creatures that are a vital part of the environment.

Mourya further said that the Nagpur citizens wanted authorities to be aware about the ill consequences of mindless development activities in Ajni Vann. To draw their attention, people of Nagpur used Twitter as a medium and asked various authorities loud and clear to #SaveAjniVann

“While we all sit at our respective homes obeying the Covid guidelines, the Government is busy planning to destroy Nagpur city’s green lungs. There is an endless list of commercial projects coming up in Ajni Vann which is one of the largest green patches in East/Central Nagpur. Projects such as IMS, Hotels, Food Plazas, Commercial Complex, Malls, etc… are being proposed under the veil of public utility when clearly they can be shifted to alternative locations,” Mourya asserted.

It is pertinent to recall that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) sought permission from Garden Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to fell or translocate around 5,000 trees from Ajni for the IMS project. In turn, the NMC had called objections from citizens against proposed tree felling. The deadline for raising objections against the tree felling ended on June 30. According to NMC, the civic body received a record 7,790 objections against proposed tree felling or translocation by the NHAI for the IMS Project.