Published On : Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

NEET 2017 Results Hacked?

Nagpur/New Delhi: Fresh trouble seems to be starting for NEET 2017 examinations. After a lot of controversies, in what seems to be the biggest of them all, there is a probability of possible hacking of NEET 2017 Results. The US Based Company, US Prometric Testings has confirmed that their software may have been hacked. The agency was given the contract by CBSE and NBE to conduct the NEET UG 2017 and the NEET PG 2017 examinations respectively. Reports state that the officials from the company have confirmed to the Crime Branch that the hack was possible and probably done months in advance. This news could very well lead to another cascading controversy for the lakhs of students already affected by the NEET 2017 Results.

As per the latest reports, after the confirmation was received by the US based company about a possibility of breach of the software, the Crime Branch has filed a 20-page chargesheet. In the charge sheet, it has been mentioned that as per the details the miscreants could have easily known which examination center to assign to the registered person, and accordingly assist in cheating. The pre-determined hack is more and more looking like a long planned strategy to beet the examination scheme. Not only were the hackers able to assign the examination centers, apparently the invigilators at those centers were in on the elaborate cheating exercise to upend the system. The charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police names the supervisors of two examination centres in Chandigarh and Greater Noida, where the exam was held, who purportedly assisted in cheating.

The National Board of Examination (NBE), had also given the contract to conduct NEET PG (2017) to M/S Prometric Testings Pvt Ltd. The NEET (PG) examinations was conducted at various exam centres from December 5 to December 13. According to a senior official the agents and sub-agent were active through the year in search of candidates who are ready to give money for a good rank. After finding the candidates, the sub-agents informed senior agents, who had links with the candidates or their parents.

As per the report, the agents were in constant touch with site supervisors, engineers and officials, who had got posted at examination centres. They only advised the candidates or their parents to choose a particular examination centre.The report further states in its charge sheet, that police mentioned that M/S Prometric Testings Pvt Ltd had failed to identify the alleged software — Ammyy Admin, which had been used by the accused to hack the exam. It was also found out that a site-supervisor of the Chandigarh centre had used the software to put students in touch with agents outside, who would then solve the papers and pass them to the students.

The NEET UG 2017 was conducted on May 7, 2017 and there were reports which claimed that there was paper leak. However, the Central Board of Secondary (CBSE) denied the allegations. As per the official notification, a total of 11, 38,890 students had registered for the examination which included 1522 NRIs, 480 OCIs, 70 PIOs & 613 Foreigners. The NEET UG 2017 exam was also conducted in 10 languages at 1921 Exam Centres in 103 cities.