Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

Need to be alert against Dengue!!

Nagpur: Nagpur is being infested by dengue. Thanks to God! It has not claimed any life so far this year. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation in the month of September 2015 noticing the symptoms of dengue took blood samples of as many as 173 citizens and tested them in laboratory, of which 7 samples were found positive. However, the number of dengue patients till September this year has been 52 maximum.

Dengue seems to be more aggressive in Asinagar Zone and Mangalwari Zone these days, but NMC is keeping a constant watch on it, and it is expected that Nagpur will not witness the situation like that of Delhi. Nevertheless, the figures supplied by NMC are pertaining to both government and private hospitals in the city. On the other hand, it cannot be claimed that the number of dengue patients is only this much (52).

Despite strict instructions, the private hospitals do not supply the exact number of dengue patients, and even NMC also does not regard a patient of dengue without confirmed information.

According to the head of Malaria and Filaria Department, NMC, Jayshri Thotey, it is mandatory for private hospitals to furnish the exact information about dengue patients, but how sincerely the NMC instructions will be followed cannot be said, just because there is no effectively checking system for this in the city.

If we look into previous year’s record, there were cases of dengue, but the NMC did not have information about them. Even there is a controversy over dengue-report. NMC depends on analyzer report on dengue while the private hospitals test dengue by rapid diagnostic kit. The NMC has only IGMC lab to test dengue where there are plies of cases for test-report, and it causes delay for the report to be obtained. As a result, the patients rush to private hospitals where they quick report.
However, dengue may seem to be under control, but it becomes more aggressive during winter season.