Published On : Sun, Sep 13th, 2015

NCP is attempting to reclaim lost identity by raising draught issue: Bawankule

IMG_3155Nagpur: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has decided to undertake a state-wide Jail Bharo Andolan (to fill jails). The NCP has alleged that Marathwada is gripped under a severe draught, while the State Government is not sensitive towards the problems of the farmers. While responding to the agitation, BJP Government too has targeted the NCP. Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has said that this is nothing but a farce or pretence. He added that NCP is trying to regain its lost identity through these antics. However, the masses know the reality and their agitation will not succeed in their aim.

Bawankule claimed that during draughts both the Ruling Party and the Opposition sits together to fight against the calamity or crisis. He added that they used to play such pro-active role when they were in the Opposition. However, what is happening is sheer politics.

He went on the claim that the Opposition has many organizations or agencies which can help the farmers fight over the crisis. The draught like situation in the State is because of the last 15-year-long rule. He claimed that the last government has gifted them with a debt of Rs 3,50,000 Crores.

The situation is grave and the State government is standing firm with the farmers. He claimed that the present BJP Government has announced a package of Rs 850 crore package to allay the problems of the farmers. If the Opposition feels, they can always debate over the issue, but the fact remains that we have given more package amount to the farmers.
Bawankule claimed that giving a package is not a permanent solution. He claimed that the present government is looking at the root of the problems and trying to remove the hindrances so that a long-term solution could be brought about.