Published On : Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

NCP corners Mayor Datke over various ills afflicting Nagpur City

NCP meet with mayour datke

The City Unit of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), led by Ajay Patil, on Thursday tried to push BJP, ruling the NMC since past years, to the wall over various ills afflicting Nagpur city. Ajay Patil and dozens of party Corporators and leaders gheraoed the Mayor Pravin Datke in his chamber and submitted a memorandum detailing different problems being faced by citizens. Moreover, the memorandum performed post-mortem of 8-year rule of BJP in NMC and the shoddy state of affairs on every front.

The NCP leaders voiced their concern over various issues such as lack of civic amenities, bad roads, unclean surrounding, shabby tax system, flaws in water bills, insufficient of Star buses, apathy towards gardens, shortage of streetlights, no cleansing of rivers, nullahs, poor education standard in NMC schools etc.

“BJP had promised network of cement roads in the city. Forget the cement roads, even tar roads are not seen in many areas. The condition of existing roads in several localities is poor. The NMC awarded contract to private company for maintaining cleanliness. But it is not done in time and as a results heaps of garbage dot several areas. The atmosphere turns stinky and also poses health hazard. It is the responsibility of NMC to provide good health facilities to citizens but the ruling party is not serious on the issue. Clean Nagpur, Beautiful Nagpur, Green Nagpur slogans are on paper only. Swine flu is rampant in city. There are no visible signs of any sound measure to control the disease,” said the NCP memorandum.

“Even though clean water is basic right of citizens the supply is far from satisfactory. Loot is going on by way of privatization of water. Exorbitant bills are thrust on citizens. The OCW service is nothing but a sham. The NMC has burdened the citizens by increasing taxes. Instead of giving relief the ruling party has pushed the citizens to perils. The e-toilet scheme for women has remained on paper only. The Star Bus service was launched with much fanfare but several localities are deprived of the service. Many buses are gathering dust as there is no one to ensure maintenance,” castigated the memorandum.

The NCP leaders also raised the issue poor education standard in NMC schools, neglected libraries, gardens, community halls etc. The party warned that if the affairs are not improved immediately, it will hit the streets for the interests of citizens.

Apart from NCP President Ajay Patil, others who were present on the occasion include MLC Prakash Gajbhiye, Corporators Kamil Ansari, Pragati Patil, Duneshwar Pethe, Raju Nagulwar, Seema Raut and other office-bearers.