Published On : Fri, Jun 18th, 2021

NCERT Class 10 Tips: What Special Skills Should The Math Teacher Teach Students?

Before universal secondary education was introduced, math teachers were known to select students’ groups. It includes those who according to Multiple Intelligences of Gardner, were stated to be maths-logic thinkers. Hence, a math teacher was not really needed to change the pedagogue from ‘chalk & talk’ including plenty of exercise practice. However, the later stage of the 20th century witnessed students move into higher secondary schools. Math remained a major subject in secondary education that required students to get good marks to continue their studies in higher secondary. This meant that students had to practice lots of complex sums from the different chapters present in their book. They also developed varying learning styles, thereby equating it with Gardner’s Multiple intelligences. However, the majority of the students do require external assistance to understand math and get good scores in it. Availing class 10 maths ncert solutions is considered to be the right choice made to taking the first step towards sure success and reaching the goals. 

Impart new skills

Math teachers these days are more compelled to expand fully their pedagogue. They are expected to come up with new skills and techniques to teach their students and help them to develop quickly and properly in this tough subject. The concerned board authorities have been upgrading the math syllabus by introducing new chapters every now and then. This is to help the children to stay competitive and to learn new techniques that will not only help them to do well in their higher studies but also at the workplace and beyond. 

Modernized syllabus content

The Math syllabus, over time, has been modernized. Usage of graphics & scientific calculator combined with computers and the net has rather become mandatory. Hence, the students are compelled to learn new skills and techniques to be ahead of the competition and score good marks. This is possible by joining reputed centers like Cuemath, where students are taught by highly qualified teachers specialized in the math subject. 

Skills the math teacher should imbibe to help students perform better in the math subject.

There are a few additional skills that math teachers should develop at the earliest, as these skills will benefit the students. Some of the essential skills to develop are given below:

  • Calculator skills: It is important for students to use the calculator in the correct way to derive the right calculations and answers quickly. Teachers should teach their students to carry out calculations on the calculator, including estimation skills. Graphic calculators come with in-built programs allowing students to deal with real-life, complex problems. 
  • Communication skills: A major aspect introduced in the new syllabus is considered to be problems associated with unfamiliar contexts. It requires proper communication of solutions. 
  • Internet skills
  • Computer skills
  • Textbook skills: It is considered to be the very first option available to students to help them consolidate their classroom learning. They are to be taught as to how best the textbooks are to be used to gain crucial knowledge in this subject along with the shortcuts. 
  • Skills to focus effectively in the classroom: Since less time is allocated for teaching math, it is important for students to stay focused on what is being taught by the teacher. Focusing skills should be incorporated, and the student should learn to be an active listener throughout the session. 
  • Examination skills: It should also include how complex problems are to be solved, how examination techniques need to be developed to guarantee the best possible results. 
  • Study skills & homework.
  • Organizational skills as the student in senior school tend to become extremely busy.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

It is not, however possible to develop the above skills overnight. Rather, math teachers are to stay committed to teaching their students the essential skills required to learn this complex subject and get good marks in the exam. Cuemath is the right place to learn all the essential skills to become a successful student.