Published On : Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Navaratri Move : All Garba leads to Nagpur outskirts, safety of celebrating girls at stake

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Nagpur: As Navaratri celebration kickstarts from Thursday, setting stage for the glitzy and groovy nights of festivities along with day long fasting, Garba is certainly the talk of the town. From big to small, every other Durga Devi pandal has thrown open opportunities to the devouts to match steps in their best capacity possible. However the best known Garba organizers this year have consciously chosen their venues far off city’s busy confines.

This time round, the organizers have chosen to go outside city limits for reasons best known to them. This brings all these venues into the jurisdiction of Rural Police Department.

Nagpur Today spoke to the Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural about their preparedness for the upcoming elections and the Navratri Celebrations.

Organisers to have free hand on sound!

Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural Dr Arti Singh (IPS) said that the organizers do not have to take the permissions from the SSB, but from the Tehsildar. All they have to do is take permissions from the nearest Police-station for the use of Loud Speaker. That too has a dead-line i.e. the organizers can play loudspeakers only till 10 pm.

Communal forces to be kept in check

When asked about the preparedness about the Love-Jihad which was quite a notion during the Navratri celebrations, she said that they are aware about this sensitive issue and have constituted a cell to collect intelligence about all such activities. They will also keep a tab on other religion based political groups so that they do not cause any tension.

Organisers responsible for safety of girls, says Rural SP

When asked about the safety of all the youth especially the female participants who would be going in the traditional attire with their make-ups etc, Dr Arti Singh said that it is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that the female participants are escorted and reaching home safely. However, there would be policemen to check for drunken-driving and Nakabandi at regular intervals.

Youngsters should maintain alert

She added that the youngsters too should be careful and report to the nearest police-station about any occurrence. The police are there to assist them. The youth should also come forward and report any wrong, crime that they witness anywhere. Dr Arti Singh very categorically stated that their personnel will be watching all the venues to ascertain if liquor is served or consumed anywhere. Any violation will invite penalty.


When asked if the Rural Police Department has undertaken any preventive measures, to which she said that they have taken signed written bonds from the known offenders (criminal as well as political). She said that preventive arrests would be done a day prior to the elections.

Just co-operate, appeal police

In her message to the youth and the citizens of the city, Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural Dr Arti Singh (IPS) said that everybody should co-operate with the police in maintaining law and order. She added that the Police are there for the people. They should report any crime or wrongful occurrences to the nearest police-station, without any fear. She wished all the citizens a very Happy Navratri Celebrations.