Published On : Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Narrow Escape! Two Engineering students dodge fatal accident with no injuries

A major mishap was averted when two engineering students had a narrow escape from death after the car they were in collided with wall around Futala lake road and rolled to fall in Chaupati.

The boys, Vishesh Arvind Bhajipale (20) and Rishabh Narendra Maheshkar(22), were enroute to Futala at around 6 in the morning when the mishap occurred. Rishabh was driving i20 car, registered in the name of Vishesh’s father. The boy, not a mature driver, was driving the car in dreadfully high speed, as a result of which he lost control over the car and it collided with the wall.

As informed by witnesses, car, after the crash, was in a smashed condition. It was being anticipated that there would have been a loss of life. However, the boys were miraculously saved without any major injuries. It was being expected that the boys have been drunk after Friendship Day on Sunday. However, the boys had other tale to narrate.

According to them, they had gone for a morning drive when Rishabh forced Arvind to let him drive the car. He, not being an expert driver lost control and pressed accelerator instead of break. Had the speed of the car been a little faster, a huge mishap would have happened. The police, on primary investigation, is considering the story told by the boys and doing further investigation.