Published On : Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

7.78 Lakhs cash looted in broad daylight in Nagpur


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In what Police are suspecting was an insider job or a tip off, a large amount of cash was stolen from an agency employee who was carrying it to the bank to be deposited.

Arun Karare living in Kalamna area has been working in an agency called Raju Traders for some time. Among his other duties was the task of transporting cash to the bank almost on a daily basis. Since it was a weekend he was probably carrying two days of cash collection this Monday.

When he was driving to the Union Bank situated near Nanga Putala chowk at 1.30 p.m. this afternoon, a black Pulsar with two men wearing masks was obviously following him. As soon as they got close enough to intercept him, they threw chilly powder on his face and eyes while overtaking him. This naturally made him stop and cry out in agony and fear. He was also temporarily blinded. Before a crowd could gather, the two men snatched the bag with the money and escaped. All his happened when Arun Karare was near Kasturchand Park where there is a lot of traffic on the road.

Soon enough many onlookers gathered to know what the commotion was. The Sadar Police was informed P.I. Sunil Bonde reached the spot with his associates.

They took Karare’s statement and registered an FIR. They have opined that the daring robbery must have been carried out on the basis of a tip off. Someone must have been aware that Arun used to carry cash to the bank daily or every other day and he must have had a fixed route he took to drive to the bank. His vehicle number and other details also must have been known making it easier for the thieves to apprehend the right person.

It is learnt that the money being carried was in two bundles: one containing a bundle of Rs. 6 lakhs stapled together and the other were lose notes worth 1 lakh 78,000.

Arun meanwhile had to be admitted to Mayo (IGMC) hospital for treatment of his eyes.

Police are scrutinizing CCTV footage and interviewing eye witnesses, if any come forward.