Published On : Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

Narendra Modi Cabinet reshuffle: Here are the possibilities

New Delhi: The Modi Cabinet reshuffle is the talk of the town. There is hectic discussion, debate and gossip in the power corridors of Delhi as to who would get what in the reshuffle.

Top on the priority for Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be to appoint a full-time Defence Minister. Will Arun Jaitley who also holds the Finance portfolio be made a full time Defence Minister. The chances are high.

The question then is who will handle the Finance portfolio. News is abuzz that Piyush Goyal is likely to get the portfolio. There was also a talk between Sushma Swaraj and the the PM about her portfolio. She is currently the External Affairs Minister of the country. Her health has been a factor and she may be moved a ministry where her health may not be a restricting factor.

Nitin Gadkari is likely to get more on his plate. All transport related ministries are likely to be handled by him.
Modi and Amit Shah are also looking for people from the states. A review with the chief ministers of BJP led states is already on and some talent from there are likely to be brought to New Delhi.

Modi and Shah will meet with the Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states this week and undertake a performance analysis. It is likely that some ministers from the BJP ruled states may be brought to the centre, sources also indicate.

The Narendra Modi led cabinet is also expected to induct two members of the JD(U) and AIADMK, sources say. The source said that two JD(U) leaders will join the cabinet. One AIADMK leader will also join the cabinet while two others will be accommodated as ministers of state. The PM and his team is also likely to drop a few ministers from Uttar Pradesh. They are likely to be sent back to the state to prepare for the 2019 elections. They would be part of the Amit Shah team which will make all preparations for the elections in 2019. What will the final Modi Cabinet look like: Well it would be apt to sign out by saying,” sirf Modi jaane.” ( Only Modi knows).