Published On : Wed, Apr 28th, 2021

Narayan Rao Dabhadkar Gave Up His Bed And Life So Another Person Can Live

Nagpur: The wife was looking for a bed in the hospital for her husband, giving her bed, the elderly said – ‘I lived my life’ and after three days said goodbye to the world

In the second wave of Coronavirus, there is a shortage of oxygen to bed in many cities of India. Meanwhile, the 85-year-old elder of Nagupar (Nagpur) presented such an example, due to which he is being praised a lot. Narayan Bhaurao Dabhadkar had become infected with Corona. He was in his bed in the hospital. At that time, a woman was looking for a bed to save her husband’s life. Giving his bed, he said, ‘I am 85 years old, have seen life, but if that woman’s husband dies then the children will be orphaned, so it is my duty to save that person’s life.’

He died three days after returning from the hospital. Narayan Dabhadkar got infected with Corona a few days ago. His oxygen level had reached 60. The daughter and son-in-law took her to Indira Gandhi Government Hospital. After much effort, he got a bed. Then the woman was looking for a bed to save her 40-year-old husband. Astpal refused to recruit him, because there were no beds empty. Seeing the weeping woman, her heart ached and she gave her bed.

The hospital administration got his letter written. In which he wrote, ‘I am voluntarily emptying my bed for another patient.’ After writing this much, he returned home and died three days later.