Published On : Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

Naked, bound body of famed perfumer Monika Ghurde found at Goa home; robbery, rape suspected

monika-ghurdeMonika Ghurde, hailed as one of India’s best perfumer, researcher was found dead at her Goa residence on Friday.

Police found 39-year-old Ghurde’s body naked, with her hands and legs tied. Investigations are underway, but authorities currently suspect she was alone at home Thursday night when she was robbed, raped and killed subsequently.

A case has been registered and officials have begun questioning Ghurde’s neighbours. Her body has been sent for a postmortem.

Who was Monika Ghurde?

Ghurde was an independent perfumer based out of Goa and founded ‘MO Lab’. She set up her first lab in Chennai.
Before turning to perfumery, Monika was a photographer and graphic designer. She also co-founded Graf Publishing, design and publishing company.

She was known for conducting workshops in various part of the world and was involved in collaboration projects in Europe, India and New York.

Monika believed one’s choice of fragrance reveals a great deal about their personality and mood. “Nobody knows what the nose knows, despite the fact that for centuries human beings have used fragrant materials to pray, to heal, to make love and war. It has always been a part of our legacy. We recognise that our sense of smell plays an important role in the formation and expression of human consciousness,” reads her website.