Published On : Thu, Apr 24th, 2014

Nakabandi spells new look at Kamptee post

IMG_6312Nagpur News.

It appears the police department is gradually inching towards giving a facelift to their  bandobast look like. A stark contrast to this fact was evident when a unique set of equipments were put together to give modern look to the blockade (nakabandi) used by the police. The blockade put up at Kamptee naka no 2 by Yashodhara police station on Thursday flaunted all new barricades made of fiber-glass, easy to assemble, light-weight and easy to move. In-Charge Police Inspector of Yashodhara Police Station PI Bhimrao Nandurkar procured the new-light-weight-barricades which is approved by the Director General of Police, Maharashtra State, and had set-up a nakabandi at Kamptee Naka No 2. Nandurkar was seen personally coordinating the entire nakabandi  operations.

IMG_6289Every nakabandi has a starting point and an end point. The starting point has a policeman (Head Constable). This cop plays a very vital role. If he observes any vehicle hesitating or making a U-Turn after seeing the nakabandi, he immediately alerts the cops and they chase the offenders and arrest them. This is followed by the barricades which are placed in such a way that every vehicle will have to slow down to maneuver the vehicle through a double-hairpin-bend. There is a gun man posted at this spot to face any armed incursion. This way the cops get to observe the driver and the passengers. Then near the end point all the vehicles are stopped. The driver’s license, documents of the vehicle, taxes and other documents are verified. The car-boot-space and other storage areas are checked for contrabands and arms etc. When everything is OK then the vehicle is allowed to pass. If there is any discrepancy in the documents then the traffic department immediately makes a penal-fine challan for the driver to pay the following day.

IMG_6300Then there is an end point. This point is usually manned by another gun-man and a police-jeep. If any four-wheeler succeeds in escaping the eyes of all the cops and the barricades or one who breaks the barricades and tries to escape, the police-jeep is used to chase the offending vehicle. Information is given to other cops on the road to keep a look-out for the vehicle.

IMG_6329The novel nakabandi  was organized under the directives of the Director General of Police and the abled guidance of Commissioner of Police P K Pathak, Jt CP Elanda Sexena, Additional Commissioner Tarowde, DCP Darade and ACP Kumbre. The staff of Yashodhra Nagar Police-Station who manned the nakabandi  included PI Bhimrao Nandurkar, 1-API, 2-PSIs, 14-Police-Constables, 2-Traffic Staff, 1-WPC, 2 Gunmen. All of them had battery-operated illuminated batons to guide the drivers through the nakabandi . PI Bhimrao Nandurkar claimed that this nakabandi  is similar to the one that is often seen in England.

By Samuel Gunasekharan. Pics by Vicky Thorat