Published On : Wed, Sep 25th, 2013
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Nagpur’s sky a graveyard of satellite debris!

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In a sparkling revelation, former Chief of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Dr. Kasturirangan developed a compelling relation of space with the skies of Nagpur. Based on the astronomical estimation, the eminent scientist informed that Nagpur’s sky are cluttered with the debris of satellites which have gone defunct over the years. The debris is formed as a result of the expired satellites that strayed into universe once it goes dysfunctional. He said, “The skies of Nagpur are actually the graveyard of satellite debris.”

Dr Kasturiragan

Dr Kasturiragan

who was in Nagpur on Wednesday to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Dr Ambedkar College here reveled various achievements of India while remarkably scoring it up as compared to other developed nations.

He said India has successfully launched the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle in the first attempt itself whereas the developed nations like Russia, America, and other countries failed in their first missions.

While speaking with the Media Kasturirangan also shared some handy piece of information about India’s space technology program and its multiple achievements. He added India is self reliant in space technology with core inputs which serves as the base for any mission. “We can even partner in space missions with other countries as India is very much into space technology,” he opined.

On the question about communication gap between scientists and farmers he reiterated that scientists are now not working from ivory towers nowadays. They are connecting with the people and working on solutions to their problems

He also mentioned that soil survey of India has its office in Nagpur and farmers could get certification of their soil’s worth from them. He said that Nagpur’s soil is very good for growing oranges adding that Nagpur oranges are far better than the Californian Oranges. He was of the view that Vidarbha is very rich in natural reserves that can be utilized to make it at par with other states.

Missions Mars needed collaboration

He said that India’s mission to Mars should have been launched in partnership with other countries. The mission by America, Japan and Russia is not that successful.Dr Kasturiranjan particularly said India’s Mar’s mission is outstanding as compared what other nations fetched in this area. He said, “India will get a lot of important information from this mission. It will bring on great heights on the global map.

In the evening Dr Kasturiranjan addressed huge gathering at Ambedkar college and aired his views on the theme space odyssey.