Published On : Thu, Oct 15th, 2020

Nagpur’s GDCH ailing and unable to serve patients

A board shows the Surgery Deptt is out of stock of hand gloves, local anaesthesia, surgical blades etc

Nagpur: A notice board put up at Nagpur’s Government Dental College and Hospital (GDCH) will leave one baffled. The board also shows that the GDCH is itself ailing and unable to serve the visting patients.

The notice board put up by Main Surgery Department at GDCH informs the patients that the stock of hand gloves, local anaesthesia, surgical blade and other necessary items used for surgery has got exhausted. The board tacitly tells the patients not to visit the hospital for dental treatment. The board, however, does not inform as the when the gadgets would be avialble in the GDCH.

Notably, there are three Government Dental Colleges and Hospitals in the State. A large number of dentists have been deployed in other hospitals for Covid-19 treatment. These doctors have and are serving the corona patients like any other health warriors. But the patients with dental ailments have been left high and dry as the Nagpur’s GDCH is out of stock of hand gloves, local anaesthesia, surgical blades etc.

Interestingly, the notice board has been put up right in front of the GDCH and thus exposed the shortcomings in the prestigious hospital publicly. Though the patient footfall has got reduced drastically due to corona outbreak, but the surgical department has to serve the patients in emergencies. But the no stock of vital gadgets is leaving the surgery patients helpless.

Around 70-100 patients visit GDCH daily out of which 40-50 patients come for surgical treatment at Main Surgery Department. But due to non-availability of handgloves, local anaesthesia, surgical blades and other tools, the surgeries are not being done at the hospital. The needy patients are being asked to bring these gadgets from outside and then only they are treated. But the poor patients cannot afford to buy from open market and thus are deprived of the dental treatment.

When contacted, the Chief of Main Surgery Department tried to evade question saying the matter is internal issue of the hospital. Hence no comment can be made on the issue. However, he said that the fact has been brought to the attention of Deal of the GDCH and the stock of necessary gadgets would be available in the hospital soon.

Although the GFCH boasts itself of a well-equipped hospital and a team of expert doctors, a number of expensive equipments are either gathering dust for no reasons or ‘misused’ depriving the needy patients of proper treatment.