Published On : Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

“Nagpur’s biggest ‘concrete pour’ at Zero Mile Station”

: Today one more mile stone is achieved in the history of Nagpur, as Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation is executing, Nagpur’s biggest ‘concrete pour’ at Zero Mile Station. Being the prime location and an iconic station, zero-mile station has its own importance for Nagpur city. Being the iconic tower, this project has a highlight of glimpses like connectivity to heritage walk, Hotels, Restaurants, commercial places, offices, Banquet hall, etc. The iconic tower shall have 8 Escalators and 10 lifts to the metro level. Considering the scarcity of parking in central Nagpur, Architect took enough precaution to place the ample parking within the project, and hence planned for 250 car parking at basement level. The platform shall be at 5th level with commercial activities below platform. Sixteen floors have been planned above platform.

Zero-mile station is having plot area 12000 with 2 basements + Ground floor + 19 upper floors. The tower is having station at height 90 mtr. Four months were spent in removal of encroachment and other buildings like Govt. Offices and residence. Some time was also spent in rehabilitations, permission from sanctioning authority, permission to cut the trees etc. MMRCL has replanted few trees at other locations which have survived.

The total foundation area of this station is 5400, which is planned to cast in 6 parts. The concreting of first part of area is started from today. The concrete for this major pour is being procured from 2 RMC plant and 26 transit mixers have been engaged to transport the concrete. This is the first time such a heavy concreting is planned by any infrastructure project in Nagpur.

The architect for this project is M/s. ENIA of France along with ITD cementation India Private ltd who is executing the work, under supervision of General Consultant to Nagpur Metro Rail Project.

The raft at Basement 2 level is planned for concreting which may take continuously 2-3 days to pour. This concrete pour will represent Nagpur’s biggest concrete pour having approx. 2600 cubic meters concrete and 650 MT reinforcement.