Published On : Mon, Nov 16th, 2020

Nagpurians defy ‘bans,’ appeals; burst crackers to full blast on Diwali

Nagpur: Keeping with the high tradition, Nagpurians defied ‘bans’ and appeals and bursted firecrackers to the full blast during Diwali celebration.

The Second Capital dazzled as lights decked up buildings and earthen lamps dotted houses as people India celebrated the festival amid COVID-19 restrictions and a ban on bursting of firecrackers across the city.

The excited people greeted each other and the near and dear one with “Happy Diwali.” Prayers were offered and sweets distributed.

On Saturday, Laxmi Pujan, the bursting of crackers started steadily. However, with time, the tempo reached its zenith and the festive atmosphere echoed with full blasting of ‘Sutli Bombs’ and other high decibel crackers. The air turned thick with smoke emitted by bursting of a variety of traditional as well as fancy firecrackers. The excitement on the faces of kids was to be seen to be believed. Young boys and girls too jumped in the ring and thoroughly enjoyed lighting a cracker or two in the company of overjoyous children.

The whole city was illuminated and decorated and people lit earthen lamps to celebrate the Festival of Lights with gusto. Sales during Diwali festive season jumped to as high as crores of rupees across major markets in the city despite a total boycott of the Chinese items. The most purchased products during Diwali festive season were the consumer goods, electrical appliances and goods, electronic appliances, kitchen articles and accessories, gift items, confectionary items, sweets, home furnishing, utensils, gold and jewellery, footwear, watches, furniture, fixtures, garments, fashion apparels, cloth and home decoration goods.