Nagpur Under Lockdown : Pictures reveal rustic city scapes

Nagpur: Amid nationwide lockdown in the wake of dreaded Coronavirus outbreak, the city of Nagpur which otherwise remain crowded, cluttered and noisy with scenes of traffic and urban chaos, has worn a mystic calm all over its rustic scapes.

The trains, stranded empty, and the railway station expressing a deserted look, the cops on their toes, manning the logs of barricades put up at busy squares, ensuring some heavy duty monitoring, the scantily used streets are the tell tale signs of metro Nagpur under lockdown.

Many citizens have termed this as an unforeseen event that has projected a never before panorama of city in its raw form.

Improved air quality
Environment experts have revealed that the air quality index has significantly improved in many areas of the city where air pollution remains at peak during normal days. The trees have started shedding floral carpets across the roads while the branches appear to be welcome frills.

Take a look at various scenes of Nagpur under lockdown.