Published On : Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Nagpur Today to go ‘black’ on Nov 9, in support of NDTV India

imgOf late, the strength of media is revisited, re-recognized and reformed as the fourth pillar of democracy. But what if the media had to face the wrath of so called democratic system? Just to satiate the power pangs of the mighty political forces, can any media be stamped as ‘anti-national’? Well, it appeared so when the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Center stepped up to ban NDTV India for a day chosen as November 9. Why? For, the government strongly feels that Ravish Kumar of NDTV aired some confidential information at the time of terrorist attack on army camp in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir. This information was dubbed as sensitive by the government which claimed that it may cause threat to the nation’s security.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has whipped this diktat which is being seen as the attack on media and a definitive move to gag any voice raised against the government (read Modi). Many media houses have come forward to voice their concern over such a ‘tyrant’ step. We too support NDTV and strongly oppose such a whimsical ban. This not only questions the democratic nature of our system but also points finger to the emerging threat to media.

Nagpur Today will also go black on Wednesday, November 9. Just to drive home the point that media should not be seen as a tool to mobilize personal political stand.

At the time of elections, political parties expect the media to go ‘extra mile’ and cover every hidden aspect. Is it to draw maximum political mileage because one’s loss is another’s gain? Then why no uniformity is applied throughout. Let’s come clear – Either you are democratic or dictator, there’s no midway in dealing with media. This message should be sent ‘loud and clear’ to every one in power and also to those eyeing for the ‘throne’.

We understand the ‘concern’ of those media houses who have nothing to say and doesn’t have any stand on this development. But we have no such ‘mutual’ or ‘individual’ concerns (you must have read between the lines!). We are only concerned to draw parallels and be impartial in all possible ways to serve our readers with what really exists.

Nagpur Today appeals to the larger section of media – print, electronic and digital to come forward and take a bold stance. Let’s support this media black out by publishing no news or dropping the edition on November 9. At-least democracy should be preserved!