Published On : Mon, Dec 24th, 2012

Nagpur Today Investigation : As dusk gets darker hoodlums show ugly face

Scene 1  

Time : Around 11.30 pm near VNIT T-Point

Five youths enjoying drink in their car parked opposite a restaurant on the stretch from Bajaj Nagar square to VNIT T-point. The hoodlums under the greater influence of alcohol then started shouting and using abusive languages. The guys then turned the car back, threw the empty bottle on road and screeched towards VNIT.

Fact File – The late night scene outside this restaurant remains the same quite often as it serves biryani till 12 am. The drunken guys from the so called civilized family drop in here during the late hours. They drink again, crush the glasses and then resort to vandalism. No police patrolling at this site often leads to petty scuffle. Often the families passing by this stretch around this time have to face the derogatory remarks of these elements.


Scene 2

Around 11 pm at Medical Square

Few boys appeared to be in inebriated condition come out of a plush bar and restaurant near Medical Square. One of them starts abusing a motorbike commuter for no reason. The biker stops and asks if anything is wrong. Instead, all the four boys grabbed him by fists and punched him several times. Why? Nobody knows.

Fact File – Medical square is known for the frequenters who take their kin for treatment at Government Medical Hospital but the as the dusk falls and proceed towards the darkness of night, the darker side starts emerging. The hooligans indulging in drunken brawl are common sight around these bars. Even the guys passing through are not spared leave aside the girls who think ten times before moving through this patch approaching from Medical Square towards Untkhana road.


Scene 3

Midnight around 12.45 am near Dharampeth

As the DJ Party ends, the group of guys and gals jump into their vehicles to rush home, but a guy keeps pushing a girl to get in his vehicle. When the girl does not relent, he forcibly tries to get his whims done. Some more guys joined the act but the girl however managed to flee. As the girl was calling the guys by their names, it appears she knows all of them.

Fact File –The raid on an upscale restro lounge Caramel Lounge at Sadar some time ago had just hinted at the kind of activities which are routine affairs in many of these plush places located in various areas of the city. The late night parties, especially in which the girls are the part, often lead to similar scenes in the end. All the ‘open-mindedness’ are kept at bay after few drinks. Boys often go berserk after heavily drinking and let their whims flowing free over a girl which they call their ‘friend’.


The hard hitting scenes and the fact file are not the scripted words but the true picture of the city in the dark by lanes of its happening places that Nagpur Today brings to you with due concern. The middle class and upper middle class are doers and more often the sufferers too.

Even as the nation’s youth went on rampage braving the police lathi-charge, tear gas shells and water cannons in Delhi, the city too has seen the crowd thronging at public places to register their rage against the horrendous gang rape of the 23 year old paramedical Delhi student.

But what about the scenes that captured the ugly side of the city’s youths. Come Christmas and New Year, and such activities register tremendous growth in these routine incidents. Police limits itself to occasional vigil and same will happen this time too.

If any occasion is to be recalled as the time for honest security in Nagpur, then it is during winter session of state assembly, during which the cops on the barricade ridden roads would check every suspicious or drunken passerby. The new year eve would also throw similar formalities by the police, but what about the routine ugly eve-teasing and late night harassments surmounting the streets of Nagpur almost every other day?

Is the new Commissioner of Police KK Pathak aware to such dual nature of the town? Hope the action would be taken before it’s too late.