Published On : Fri, Sep 25th, 2015

Nagpur to pay fee of Rs 5.10 crore for migration to FM Phase III

Nagpur: FM operators in Nagpur will have to shell out the migration fees of Rs 5.10 crore, payable to the Information & Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry for migration from FM Phase II to Phase III, Mumbai will have to shell out the highest migration fees of Rs 36.69 crore,

The I&B Ministry has released the city wise non-refundable one time migration fee (NOTMF) for migration from FM Phase II to Phase III for existing private FM broadcasters.

According to the ministry, after Mumbai, Delhi FM operators follow with the second highest migration fee of Rs 33.33 crore, whereas Bengaluru is third in line with migration fee of Rs 21.60 crore.

Apart from the top three, existing FM operators in 13 cities will have to pay migration fees of above Rs 10 crore. They are: Chandigarh (Rs 19.04 crore), Hyderabad (Rs 18 crore), Patna (Rs 17.89 crore), Coimbatore (Rs 16.87 crore), Cochin (Rs 15.04 crore), Nasik (Rs 14.66 crore), Lucknow (Rs 14 crore), Pune (Rs 14 crore), Ahmedabad (Rs 13.17 crore), Indore (Rs 13.06 crore), Chennai (Rs 12.27 crore), Visakhapatanam (Rs 11.68 crore) and Vadodara (Rs 11.30 crore).

Additionally, FM operators in 47 cities will have to pay migration fees between Rs 10 – Rs 1 crore. They are as follows: Vijayawada (Rs 9.97 crore), Kolhapur (Rs 9.44 crore), Trivandrum (Rs 8.09 crore), Kanpur (Rs 8 crore), Jaipur (Rs 7.74 crore), Bhopal (Rs 7.49 crore), Kolkata (Rs 7.06 crore), Kozhikode (Rs 7.02 crore), Madurai (Rs 6.49 crore), Puducherry (Rs 6.49 crore), Aurangabad (Rs 6.23 crore), Tiruchi (Rs 6.11 crore), Rajkot (Rs 6.08 crore), Amritsar (Rs 6.03 crore), Trichur (Rs 5.65 crore), Varanasi (Rs 5.26 crore), Nagpur (Rs 5.10 crore), Mysore (Rs 4.66 crore), Tirupathi (Rs 4.50 crore), Mangalore (Rs 4.45 crore), Jalandhar (Rs 4.22 crore), Allahabad (Rs 4.08 crore), Kannur (Rs 4.05 crore), Jabalpur (Rs 3.80 crore), Surat (Rs 3.60 crore), Raipur (Rs 3.43 crore), Panaji (Rs 3.18 crore), Agra (Rs 2.56 crore), Shimla (Rs 2.34 crore), Jodhpur (Rs 2.05 crore), Asansol (Rs 2.02 crore), Patiala (Rs 1.64 crore), Rajahmundry (Rs 1.58 crore), Tirunelveli (Rs 1.57 crore), Gulbarga (Rs 1.50 crore), Tuticorin (Rs 1.50 crore), Gwalior (Rs 1.40 crore), Bhubaneshwar (Rs 1.27 crore), Jamshedpur (Rs 1.26 crore), Warangal (Rs 1.25 crore), Siliguri (Rs 1.05 crore), Udaipur (Rs 1.05 crore), Karnal (Rs 1.04 crore), Ranchi (Rs 1.03 crore), Rourkela (Rs 1.02 crore), Jammu (Rs 1.01 crore) and Kota (Rs 1 crore).

The operators who exercised the option to migrate to FM radio Phase III will have an option to withdraw to migrate within five calendar days of intimation of the NOTMF. The option exercised by the operator who do not wish to migrate to FM radio Phase III shall be final and binding on the operators.