Published On : Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Nagpur temperature goes up, to remain static till 31st Dec


Nagpur has been shivering under cold wave however the temperature is witnessing an upward rally for the last 2 days. As the weather went up by 2.4 degree Celsius to reach 10.1 degree on Sunday, it further rose by 0.3 degree on Monday when the lowest temperature stood at 10.4 degree. Nagpur Met Office informed that temperature is likely to remain the same in the coming 2-3 days and may record decline by 1-2 degree Celsius on 31st December.

Siraj Khan, Assistant Meterologist at Nagpur Met Office told Nagpur Today that the high clouds are formed as much as 7 kms above Vidarbha, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. “This has been blocking further decline in the temperature. The cloud spread is likely to increase which may keep the temperature around the same level in the coming days. We can expect further decline of 1-2 degree Celsius by 31st December.

The cold wave continued at the crack of the dawn on Monday and also prevailed for the entire day on Sunday. With dusk, the weather may turn cold once again on Monday.

Apart from Nagpur, the other districts of Vidarbha too experienced rise in temperature. At the same time, the neighbouring states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, the temperature is still in single digit. Gondia witnessed low temperature in the whole of Vidarbha with 7.7 degree Celsius on Sunday.

In Nagpur, it is for the first time that in the month of December the temperature remained in single digit for two consecutive days. The biting cold wave continued for three days at a stretch. However, Sunday saw bright sunshine since 8 am. Still, there is no respite from shivering cold. The maximum temperature remained 1 degree above normal with 29.4 degree Celsius.

The extreme cold has kept citizens closeted in their houses and there was less traffic on city roads.