Published On : Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 cheers up for another cause

Nagpur Today.

The tablers are certainly turning the tables in right direction. Happy and joyful as ever, the members of Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 has thrown up yet another social get together coupled with a cause. The party was brought up in a stylish ‘Hippie’ theme. Every one at the do turned up with their better halves. The tablers have always impressed one and all with every move they make and every stand they take for the betterment of the society.

Fondly they call it ‘Social’, these get togethers unlocks all their funnier side through which they bond over food, music and jazzed up mood. So every two months they come up with the same themed parties.

The ideology behind the event is plain and simple, yet loud and clear – Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 works for service through fellowship.

Sharad and Vinita Agrawal

Sharad and Vinita Agrawal


Sameer and Sonu Agrawal


Roshan and Shilpi Saraf


Priyank and Sakshi Diwanka


Nitin and Disha Gopalani


Khitiz and Radhika Agrawal


Khooshbu and Sahil Shah

Khooshbu and Sahil Shah


Amit and Shewta Khemka

Amit and Shewta Khemka


Ankit Nangiya


Ankush and Vinny Gopalani


Nipul & Nishika Chaudhary


Vinita Agrawal, Disha Gopalani, Nitin Gopalani, Sakshi Diwanka, Priyank Diwanka, Radhika Agrawal, Khitiz Agrawal, Shewta and Shilpi Saraf


Khitiz Agrawal, Ankush Gopalani, Vinny Gopalani and Nitin Gopalani


Radhika Agrawal, Khooshbu Agrawal, Shilpi Saraf, Vinita Agrawal, Shewta, Vinny Gopalani and Deesha Gopalani


Nitin Gopalani, Sharad Agrawal, Vinita Agrawal and Disha Gopalani

By Farhan Kazi 
Pic by Vikrant Shimpi