Published On : Wed, May 12th, 2021

Nagpur Runners and Riders hold webinar on ‘keeping fit at home in this pandemic’


Nagpur: Nagpur Runners and Riders (NRR) organized a webinar on the topic of the ‘keeping fit at home in this pandemic’ here on May 9, Sunday.

Dr Kevin Agrawal, sports and orthopedic physiotherapist and director of Dr Kevin’s Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, addressed the session.

Around 100 fitness enthusiasts from across the country attended the seminar which went on for nearly two hours.

Dr Kevin spoke about different forms of exercises and simple tips on home exercises starting with joint mobility exercises, stretching, body weight exercises, functional training, HIIT training and circuit training.

He also talked about how to prevent injuries. He said not to over stress while exercising, avoid trying new fancy exercises. “One should perform exercises according to their individual strength and requirements, proper nutrition, hydration and good sleep are must,” said Dr Kevin.

He was asked if someone gets injured when and how one should apply ice or heat if they have pain or injury.

He said, “for acute injuries/pain apply ice and for chronic injuries/pain/muscle spasm use heat therapy.”

Elaborating further, Dr Kevin said one should decide how much to exercise/run/cycle. One should listen to one’s body and not over train.

Towards the end of the webinar he gave tips to focus on strength training to prevent muscle loss and to improve strength and performance.

He guided the participants on sports specific/goal specific training. He gave tips on protein intake and nutrition. “Focus on the whole body as one unit while training, don’t ignore any body part while training,” he added.

The participants were all praised for the webinar and the tips given by Dr Kevin Agrawal. Many doubts and misconceptions of the participants were cleared.

Mitesh Rambhia and Ashish Agrawal were the conveners of the webinar and worked hard to make it a grand success.