Published On : Fri, Apr 13th, 2018

Nagpur rly station building lit up to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti

Pic Courtesy : Sumit Gaikwad

Nagpur: The enthusiasm surrounding Ambedkar Jayanti, coming up on Saturday, is infusing vibrancy in the atmosphere of Nagpur. This situation is very much evident from every sight in the city. Many key buildings in Nagpur are being spruced up and decorated to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar, the creator of Indian Constitution and the great harbinger of peace and brotherhood.

One of the NT readers Sumit Gaikwad has beautifully captured the panoramic view of Nagpur Railway station building (West side), in which the heritage building is seen colorfully lit. The glow sign impeccably complimented the illuminating building which left the onlookers awestruck in the magnificence and grandeur of night time view of the structure.

Pic Courtesy : Sumit Gaikwad

The building has been decorated with colorful lighting to mark Ambedkar Jayanti. A glimpse at the Nagpur railway station during night time is grabbing everyone’s attention and filling every Nagpurian with proud.