Published On : Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Nagpur Police to undertake ‘Operation Muskan’ from July 1

Nagpur: Based on the directives of the Central Government, Government of India, and a move to search and find all missing children under a special drive called ‘Operation Muskan’ from July 1 to July 31, 2015.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Deepali Masirkar while addressing the press conference said that Commissioner of Police Nagpur S P Yadav has directed the Crime branch and all police officials to undertake this drive seriously and to ensure that all the missing children are located and united with their parents.

DCP Deepali Masirkar claimed that when a case of missing child comes to them, it may appear as just another case, however, for the parents, it is a traumatic period till they are able to locate their children.

The State Home Ministry and the Crime Detection Branch, Nagpur has initiated a special training to police officials to equip them and to make them sensitive towards finding missing children and how to deal with the children who are located.

20150630_174343Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued order to State to launch ‘Operation Muskan’ from July 1 to 31 to intensify tracking of missing children, conduct raids at public places to identify street children and rehabilitate them.

DCP Deepali Masirkar said that the operation would take place across the country.

According to DCP Deepali Masirkar and Police Inspector B M Powar who addressed the press meet, between the periods from May 2012 to May 2015, the number of missing children below the age of 18 is 73 boys and 212 girls. The figures above 18 years of age are 73 boys, 212 girls, 885 men and 827 women.

DCP Masirkar claimed that they will ensure strict vigilance kept and screening of children residing in shelter homes, railway platforms, bus stands, roads and religious places.

DCP Deepali Masirkar claimed that on the orders of Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, 12 police officials from the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, 3 police officials from each police station (one PSI and two police constables) and the Nagpur Police Crime Branch officials will be made available for undertaking this special drive.

She added that as many as 7-8 Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs) working on various children issues will be actively supporting in this special drive to locate missing children.

Once located, the photographs of the located or found child will be taken along with detailed information of the child. The police officials will be uploading the detailed information on the found or located child on the official portal: . This will be done so that the details and information of a lost or found child is accessible to police officials of all states throughout the country.  The State Home Ministry will also be training the police officials for the campaign.

DCP Masirkar has appealed to the public at large, the media and all those who have some concern for the children to help them in this special drive to locate missing children. DCP also said that anyone who wants to pass on any message or information on missing children can inform the cops on Toll-Free number 1098 or on 0712-2520699.