Published On : Wed, Feb 5th, 2020

Nagpur Police asks people to follow traffic rules with hilarious video. Internet is in splits

Nagpur City Police took to Twitter to urge people to follow traffic rules on Tuesday. But the way they did it was rather hilarious.

They posted a video of a man trying to solve a complex mathematical equation and the end result of that equation was a zero. What is funny in this, you may ask. Well, the way they related the mathematical equation to traffic rules.

Nagpur City Police posted the video with the caption, “IMPORTANT: This is the amount of challan you will have to pay if you follow the traffic rules.”

Check out the tweet here:

With this video, Nagpur Police tried to convey that you won’t have to pay any fine if you follow traffic rules. Now that’s quite a commendable way to urge people to follow traffic rules, isn’t?

Netizens found the video interesting and funny. They took to comments to express their views on it. Check out their reactions here: