Published On : Sat, Jul 4th, 2015

Nagpur on the verge of becoming the ‘flesh-trade haven’

Nagpur: It is alleged that flesh trade is in full bloom. Flesh trade seems to be going on in various places which include houses, hotels, resorts, lodges and many other places.

In the last 15 days, Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch carried out raids on 3-4 places where flesh trade was going on.

On July 4, 2015, the Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch carried out a raid and busted an online escort service, which was being operated at Hotel Majestic Manora in front of Sonegaon Police Station on Wardha Road. The Manager of the Majestic Manora Prabhudas Kamble aged 26 years and accused Ramesh Bedekar (25) and Neha Shyamrao Shrivas aged 26 years and a resident of Beldar Nagar, near Dhigori were taken into custody.

It is alleged that Neha Shyamrao Shrivas used to lure girls and women and bring them to the Hotel for flesh trade, while the Manager Prabhudas Kamble used to provide rooms for amorous activities.

On July 4, 2015, the Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch sent two punters (fake customers) to Neha Shyamrao Shrivas and requested for two girls. However Neha Shyamrao Shrivas agreed to provide a girl for only one of the punters. She demanded Rupees Ten Thousand for the services of a girl. After settling the deal, Neha Shyamrao Shrivas called the girl by ringing on her mobile number.

After that Neha informed her partner-in-crime Shubham Ramesh Bedekar from Itwari, Maskasath and the main pimp from Mumbai Sandesh Moon alias Sunny about this deal.

Sources claims that Sunny is a new name that is making rounds in flesh trade in the city. This pimp earns a big amount from lecherous customers of the city by sending girls claiming them to be models or film actresses.

Sunny has Neha, Shubham, Prabhudas and few other pimps from the city who are involved in this flesh trade.

The flesh trade is flourishing in the same pace at which Nagpur city is progressing. The girl who was rescued has been sent to Women’s Rehabilitation Centre. The other accused including Neha Shrivas, Shubham and Hotel Manager Prabhudas Kamble have since been arrested. The Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch will be presenting these accused in the court on July 4, 2015. The police personnel of the Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch will be going to Mumbai in search of the absconding accused Sunny. The cops are also going to file a criminal case against the owner of the hotel Ranjeet Singh.

Flesh trade is flourishing in many other hotels in the city. The police personnel believe that flesh trade is rampantly running in many hotels and lodges in Medical Square, Central Avenue, Ramdaspeth, Sadar, Gandhibagh and Itwari areas. Few days ago, the cops had raided a lodge in Gandhibagh and unearthed a flesh trade that has been going on for a significant time. According to police sources, some of these girls and women were rescued and they were let free so that they can start their life afresh, however, many were pulled back into this mire.

The In-charge of Social Service Cell of Nagpur Crime Branch Police Inspector Bhajirao M Powar believes that many girls and woman have made flesh trade an easy way of earning their livelihood. Whenever, the cops raid a particular area and rescue the women, they start flesh trade in some other area.

It may be noted here that the flesh trade was being operated in front of the Sonegaon Police Station, but the Sonegaon police were unaware of this until Friday. However, some other sources alleged that the cops of Sonegaon Police did know about the flesh trade, yet chose to turn a blind eye because of the hefty bribe that they have been receiving from these unscrupulous elements.

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