Published On : Sat, Apr 11th, 2015

Nagpur model MMS: Accused friend, a lady cop, files counter complaint against victim’s husband

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Blind love for boy-friend has motivated a lady cop to file a counter case against the husband of the model on April 7, 2015. The model and her husband had filed a case of blackmailing and raping the model wife.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, the model wife who was the victim of the accused Imran Illyas Sheikh said that on April 2, 2015, Imran’s mother came with a lady cop identified as Kiran Gawai (posted at Police Headquarters) to their shop in Sadar area. Imran’s mother apologized to the victim model and her husband for the vile acts of her son. She pleaded that they forgive him and not file a police case against him lest his career becomes marred for life-time.

However, the couple who were really irked with Imran and his blackmail techniques and eventual rape said that “Who are we to forgive or pardon your son”. “Forgiveness and pardon is done by God Almighty”.

The husband of the model had added that Almighty God will certainly punish Imran for the vile deeds for forcing the model to attempt to commit suicide and he will have to be in hell for eternity.

The lady cop friend of the accused Imran, Kiran Gawai suddenly flared up and in a rage said that “I am a cop, you can’t do anything against me”. She then doled out a threat saying “If you dare file a case against my boyfriend, I will ensure that you suffer untold for and harrowing experiences”. She added that, “If my Imran goes to jail, I will ensure that you (husband of the model) will also go to jail”.

However, the couple, i.e. the model and her husband went to Gittikhadan Police Station and filed a case of blackmail and rape by the accused Imran Illyas Sheikh. Since the actual rape was committed in Godhni falling within the jurisdiction of Koradi Police Station, the case was transferred to Koradi Police Station. Meanwhile the accused Imran Illyas Sheikh was arrested by Gittikhadan Police Station and handed over to Koradi Police Station.

Even as Imran was arrested and was being taken to Koradi Police Station, he rang his friend lady cop Kiran Gawai and asked her to file a fictitious case against the husband of the model.

The lady cop Kiran went to Sadar Police Station and filed a case on April 7, 2015 alleging that the husband of the model had threatened her, damaged her goods (her mobile phone) and cheated her.

On the basis of her complaint, the Sadar Police registered a case under Sections 354, 106 and 426 against the husband of the model.

The Sadar Police acted swiftly of the complaint and had reached the shop owned by the model and her husband to arrest the husband. When they called the husband on his mobile, the husband had informed that he was in Koradi Police Station and that the police personnel were performing the formalities of identifying the house where the rape of the model was committed. The formalities required the presence of the model and her husband the next day too, which prevented them from going to Sadar Police Station. The police officer had allegedly threatened the model’s husband.

Late in the evening after returning from Koradi Police Station, the husband of the model had approached the Assistant Commissioner of Police under whose jurisdiction Sadar Police Station too comes, and explained to him the entire case. To add to that, two more woman whom the accused had blackmailed and had established physical relationship and had fleeced heavy sums came forward and testified against Imran in Koradi Police Station and before the ACP. It was then that ACP rang up the Police Inspector from Sadar Police Station from arresting the husband of the model, since he could see this registering of the case by the lady cop as an act of retaliation.

Sources in the field of modeling in the city claimed that Imran was involved in many similar cases earlier too. However, most of those cases were settled after reprimanding him. Many of his victims have come forward to testify against Imran now. Most of his previous victim told Nagpur Today on condition of anonymity said that he used to use Facebook, Whatapp to befriend them and then after relating some cock and bull story used to call them to his house and rape them. He is said to target divorcees, separated women or young widows.