Published On : Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Nagpur MLC poll: Candidate pays security deposit of Rs 10,000 in “chillar” (coins)

The election officials at Nagpur Divisional Commissioner’s office on Tuesday were left stunned and sweating, too. A candidate for Nagpur Teachers Constituency (MLC) election, Vilas Shankarrao Battamwar of Gadchiroli reached the office of Divisional Commissioner for filing his nomination papers. However, Battamwar left the election officials gasping and sweating, virtually.

As is the procedure, an aspiring candidate has to remit Rs 10,000 as deposit along with his nomination papers. Vilas completed the formalities of filing his nomination papers. But when it was time to remit security deposit, he put before the election officials the amount of security deposit – Rs 8825 in coins of Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 and the remaining in Rs 100 notes. A Rs 10,000 security deposit in unique way.

It is first time in the history of Nagpur election scenario that a candidate remitted security deposit in “chillars” (coins). But the election officials have to count the coins. And they did it gasping and sweating in the “chilly day.” However, journalists covering the nomination process had a hearty laugh and they shared the incident with others, cheeringly.

On the other hand, Vilas Battamwar said that he did it as the coins were donated by teachers of unaided schools as a help. He is fighting the election as representative of teachers of unaided schools.

Today’s “drama” enacted at Divisional Commissioner’s office brought a scene from a Marathi film “Gallit Gondhal, Dillit Mujra”starring Makrand Anaspure before the eyes. In the film too, the actor takes “chillar” along with nomination papers and pushes the election officials on the edge.