Published On : Thu, Jun 17th, 2021

Nagpur Metro’s ridership continues to increase

Nagpur : The ridership of Nagpur Metro continues to increase by the day after June 7 and is fast approaching pre-Covid lockdown levels i.e. January and February 2021. The ridership in weekdays of February 2021 was over 20,000 while a record 56,000 Nagpurians had travelled by Metro on January 26 this year.

Due to safety precautions taken by Maha Metro, people are regaining confidence in travelling by the Nagpur Metro.
Metro trains and stations are disinfected frequently. While sanitizing metro stations, emphasis is on areas which are occupied or mostly used. The sanitization activity is as per norms and procedures.
The metro staff wears masks and hand gloves all the time. Maha Metro staff regularly sanitizes all the touch points in the trains and stations. While the agency encourages digital fare transactions, its staff sanitizes the currency notes paid by passengers using ultra-violet rays. These notes are kept separately.

These advisories issued by the central and state governments and the local authorities are regularly communicated to the commuters. Regular announcements are made on public address systems, both at stations and trains, in this regard.

1.Ritesh Bagga, who works in Mihan, uses the Nagpur Metro to travel from Subhash Nagar to Khapri. His travel time and conveyance cost has reduced significantly after Metro started on Orange and Aqua Lines. “Perfect Covid safety is maintained in Nagpur Metro and I feel completely safe while travelling by it,” he said.

2.-Vaishali Meshram, who daily travels from New Airport to Rani Jhansi Square, also said that Nagpur Metro was completely safe. “I am impressed by the efforts taken by Maha Metro to ensure Covid safety of passengers,” she said.