Published On : Sat, Sep 28th, 2013

Nagpur Metro Rail Project ayed


Nagpur News: Even at a time when its coffers are almost empty, the NMC has shown its willingness to contribute to city’s development by agreeing to shell out 5 per cent of the total cost for a project – the ambitious Metro Rail Project – to be executed by Nagpur Improvment Trust as nodal agency. The NMC’s decission is being seen as a generous one considering the fact that it has been ‘cash strapped’ ever since the replacement of octroi by local body tax (LBT).

Though, the financial condition of NMC is not good after implementation of Local Body Tax (LBT) in place of octroi, municipal commissioner Shyam Wardhane has okayed the proposal of giving NMC share of 450 crore in 9,007 crore worth project. With this, NMC has indicated seriousness for making available better transport system for citizens.

File Photo of Delhi Metro

A meeting of NMC standing panel was held on Friday in which some members had raised questions on corporation’s poor financial condition. In comparison to last year, income of NMC has reduced by 150 crore due to LBT. In such condition, from where such a huge amount would be managed, they asked municipal commissioner. Wardhane explained to them that corridor ability and Floorindex Area Rate (FAR) is currently 0.40% in Nagpur. It should have been 8% for Metro Rail Project.

It will take some time to increase this rate. It may take two to three years but NMC will pay the required share in installments. So, NMC will not find difficulty in giving this amount.

Standing Committee chairman Avinash Thakre was satisfied with municipal commissioner’s explanation and accorded approval to this proposal.

The Nagpur Improvement Trust will monitor the Metro Rail Project to be completed by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Limited. A corridor of 39.81 kilometer is being okayed for first phase. It will have 3 kilometer long underground Metro Rail line which will pass through Mihan and airport areas.

The Metro Rail Project is scheduled to be completed before 2019-20 but its actual work has not been started yet.

Avinash Thakre said that NMC Standing Committee has fulfilled its responsibility and okayed the proposal. Municipal commissioner had shown readiness to collect the required amount. Metro Rail project will improve transportation system in the city and it will bring number of private vehicles down, he added.

North-South Corridor

(21.60 km)

Automotive square, Kamptee road, Wardha road, Variety square, Abhyankar road, Humpyard road, Rahate Colony, Khamla road, Airport and Mihan.

East-West Corridor

(18.20 km)

Prajapati Nagar, Central Avenue, Railway Feeder road, Munje square, Jhansi Rani square, North Ambazari road, Hingna road and Lokmanya Nagar.