Published On : Tue, Jul 23rd, 2019

Just a Click Away 5D BIM Helps in Fast Dissemination of Information Geographical Tagging for Nagpur Metro

Nagpur Metro Project Details, Just a Click Away 5D BIM Helps in Fast Dissemination of Information Geographical Tagging for Nagpur Metro Project Use of 5 D BIM Technology has Ensured 10-17% Savings

NAGPUR: Having successfully launched commercial operations in Reach-I, Maha Metro Nagpur has now set its eyes on introducing same in R-III between Lokmanya Nagar Metro Station and Subhash Nagar Metro Station. This speed of work has been possible because of adopting 5D BIM technology, which is being used at such a level for first time.

The designs of various projects undertaken by Metro have been reviewed and approved with the use of 5D BIM. The progress information and payment details are also processed through this digital platform. The fact that project work has been completed in time, has ensured savings as compared to DPR. Maha Metro has saved between 10 and 17 per cent on various aspects by using this technology.

Considering fact that Maha Metro has decided to use this platform for effective management, it is certain to save a lot on the management and maintenance of metro. To understand how a project is executed and reviewed with the help of 5D BIM is explained below.
To begin with, one needs to load 5D BIM and select the parameter for which information has been sought:

1. If one clicks on Model (Metro Pier), the person would get information about exact location and the concerned Reach, coordinates where the pier is located.
2. The type of concrete, steel used in construction of the pier and its strength can also be recognised.
3. Geo-tagging has been accorded to all piers of Nagpur Metro project. This helps in establishing a piers’ location and the nature of Girder mounted on it.
4. Other relevant details which are related to the pier, like Track, OHE, Tubular Portal, signalling, power cable can also be obtained through this process.
5. The proposed and the actual completion of work also be obtained.
6. The current work planning and the same for next month can also be comprehended.
7. The delay in execution of a project, if any, and reasons behind it, can also be easily acquired. This would help in taking active decisions by management and if needed penalise the concerned contractor.
8. If the work has been executed, the concerned contractor could also submit `Request for Inspection’ through `SAP’ software.
9. Maha Metro then accesses `Request for Inspection’ and gets work verified through General Consultant. Every month, a cumulative RA Bill is prepared, duly verified and approved by General Consultant and Maha Metro. The dues of concerned contractor are then released.
10. Every work has been allotted colour code, which helps in fast understanding of the work progress.