Published On : Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

Nagpur man lands at police station with plaint of lost handkerchief!

Nagpur: In the times of FOMO – a social media trend, where everyone is bothered with the ‘fear of missing out’ on something, here’s something that’s quite unusual to have ‘FOMO’ about! Call it a piece of cloth or a handy essential, a handkerchief is certainly one of the key takeaways a man can have!

And to what extent a man can go if he misses out on his handkerchief? Or perhaps he may have lost it or it is stolen! While this may be a usual ‘bet and forget’ for many or almost all us, exception is certainly there! Here we have a man in Nagpur whose obsession with his lost handkerchief was so intense that it literally led him to Beltarodi police station where he filed the complaint.

Meet Harshwardhan Mangaldas Jighe, a Beltarodi resident who had gone to DRM office recently and lost his close-to-heart hanky in the vicinity. Troubled with woes, he later approached Beltarodi Police Station and filed a complaint about his lost ‘property’.

The complaint reads that, “On December 2, 2019 I had gone to the Railway DRM Office to meet a friend, it is when I realized that I have lost my handkerchief. However, I suspect that some miscreants must have stolen my hanky. I am filing this compliant to avoid any misuse of my handkerchief and ultimately to avert the trouble the thief could cause to it.” “I also wish to have receipt of filed compliant,” he added.

However, the Beltarodi police guided him to Sadar police, as incident reported under their jurisdiction.

Weird it may sound but there is some logic to it! Let’s check out how? As we all know that unlike women who carry a purse comprising enough supplies to survive on a desert island for several days, men have quite limited stock to complement their attire. So it’s totally fine when it comes to being just little “over possessive”.

Wallet, combs are the essential items that all men usually carry in their pockets. However there’s another manly item that is essentially carried along and that is “handkerchief”.

With the prolonged construction of metro, cement roads any Nagpurians would narrate the soul purpose of a good clean hanky. Besides protecting you from dust (which is the common sight nowadays), it can come handy when you have to dab your forehead, take care of snot running out of nose, or when a gal breaks into tears.

Now Harshwardhan has clearly lived through the example of unconditional love of men towards handkerchief and emotions attached to it.

Ravikant Kamble & Shubham Nagdeve