Nagpur: Leopard captured on camera at Ambazari Biodiversity Park; it has reached forest, officials predict

Nagpur: In a major sigh of relief for Nagpurians, the leopard spotted at various places in the city has been captured on the camera installed at Ambazari Biodiversity Park on Sunday night, indicating that it has returned to forest, a statement issued by the Forest Department claimed on Tuesday.

It is pertinent to mention that the leopard was first spotted in Gayatri Nagar NTPI residential area. After that, the leopard was spotted at a pool on a Nala in Maharajbagh area. Later, people spotted a half-eaten carcass of a pig possibly hunted by the leopard near the Agricultural department’s office. This has caused fear among Nagpurians.

It was seen at various places and also on CCTV footage but Forest Officials failed to caught it. The officials had planted several cages and cameras in the area to trap the animal. One such camera installed at Ambazari Biodiversity Park on Sunday night had captured the leopard. This indicates that the leopard must have returned to forest, the officials predict.