Published On : Wed, Jun 4th, 2014

Nagpur Krida Prabodhani, expelled 29 players come out, play a wordy game of accusations

Nagpur Krida Prabodhani revoked the admissions of 29 players giving various reasons like underperformance and medically unfit. On the other hand, players claimed that the reasons given by the management are totally wrong.

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In an unusual development, a sports organization and its players came out and played a wordy game by hurling unsportsmanship accusations against each other. On one hand, Nagpur Krida Prabodhani, giving reasons of poor performance, no improvement, lack of physical fitness revoked the registration of 29 players. On the other hand, players totally contradicted the claim.

District Sports Officer, Deputy Director and Principal of Nagpur Krida Prabodhani Vijay Santan expelled these 29 players from the organisation. However, the players claimed that this is total injustice meted out to them as the management did not give any proper evidence to justify the reasons. The players also claimed that they are not getting coaching from the trainer and added that the coach Jai Kumar Tembhare did not give them training for a single day. A press conference was organized by the 29 expelled players at Tilak Patrakar Bhavan on Tuesday in order to clear their stand.

Talking to the media, Arvind Sharma said that it’s not only Nagraj Khursane who suffered  but the 29 players including Suraj Magdum, Mahboob Sheikh, Irfan Nasir Pathan, Baijnaath Abdagire, Akshay Kulsange, Sagar Gupta, Moreshwar Walekar, Sachin Koli, Akshay Dharmik, Roshan Shrawankar, Aditya Potbhare, Komal Hohle, Mohit Ishwarkar, Aditya Kalamkar, Vikram Rithe, Ramesh Wasawe, Shivpal Gadhwe, Ashik Shende, Nilam Fadtare, Maheshwari Raut, Sakshi Falke, Shreya Halmare, Akansha Gaekwad, Sonali Barkade, Seema Raut, Chandrabhaagaa Kachre, Supriya Ghadge, Amrapali Bhoyar and Pranay Sundarkar who have been expelled from Krida Prabodhani are good players.

It is important to note that  players who had left Nagpur Krida Prabodhani include players who had proved themselves good athletes. Nagraj Khursane is a star athlete and has 19 gold medals in his baggy.  Khursane is certainly an international athlete but he left Nagpur Krida Prabodhani only because he was not getting coaching there. According to Nagraj Khursane, the coach Jai Kumar Tembhare did not give him training for a single day in the past two years and therefore his performance took a beating.

The players also claimed that they don’t get proper diet, kit, books and guidance at the centre and if they complain they get threatened by the coach. “Vijay Santan has the responsibility to give kids all the facility which is provided by Government but why he is not fulfilling his responsibility is beyond our imagination,” said the players at the press meet.

The objective of Directorate of Sports and Youth Services is to promote sports culture as well as prepare players of Maharashtra for international and Olympic level tournaments.  The Directorate must select the talented players in the state and provide them scientific training, proportionate diet and updated sports facilities, said the players.