Published On : Fri, Jul 9th, 2021

Nagpur is Fighting COVID from the Front – Vijay Talewar

With the globe toppling with death, infection, and recovery from COVID-19 since the last year, it has become almost impossible for us to not think about vaccinations. But ever since the vaccination drives have started within the country, two things have gotten really clear, as Vijay Talewar Nagpur states. Firstly, elaborate vaccination is going to pull down the mortality rates even more and secondly, the number of active cases will get significantly lowered.

Till now, over 84% of COVID deaths were predominant in Indians who were above the age of 50. They were also having co-morbidity issues like diabetes, heart ailments, kidney, and chronic respiratory issues. Hence, vaccination turns out to be the only way to reduce the severity of the infection and bring down the mortality rate. Hence, Vijay Talewar has been working hard in smoothening the vaccination drive in Nagpur and aims at vaccinating a significant number of individuals in the city. This would help them build immunity and acquire the necessary herd immunity.

It is not long that COVID would become another type of the common flu and Vijay Talewar thinks this is nearly achievable when almost the entire population gets vaccinated. But there still will remain some chances of mortality, but far lesser to what it is now.

People now have understood the importance and effectiveness of vaccination in the country and with the data declaring them entirely safe, the vaccination centres are getting flooded with registration requests. Every city within the country is getting overwhelming responses from the citizens and Nagpur is not far behind.

To cater to the enormous vaccination requests, the city administration has set up a total of 86 centres that would deliver both Covishield and Covaxin vaccines to the eligible individuals. Among these centres, 46 centres are privately owned while the rest of the 40 centres are governmental. The government has also divided the city into 10 zones, which, according to Vijay Talewar makes it easier for the masses to access through the CoWIN portal and the Arogya Setu app.

Recently, the city witnessed the commencement of the third phase of vaccination that was opened for the age group of 18-44. Vijay Talewar believes as the vaccines are being administered free of cost across the country now, it will expand its reach and we will be able to combat the second wave effectively. With more people getting their jabs, there have been constant studies going in and around the world to develop better vaccines to deliver the highest and the best immunity.

Vijay Talewar has been associated with the vaccination drive right from the beginning and he assures that there are approved results seen among the masses ever since they have been vaccinated. The immunity normally takes effect after 4-6 weeks of taking the 1st dose and after 10-12 days of the second dose.

The vaccine has been safe enough to get a go-ahead for breastfeeding mothers but for pregnant women, it is yet to be decided. The vaccine efficacy is visible and every eligible individual is advised to take it.