Published On : Sat, Aug 22nd, 2015

Nagpur intellectuals say, only healthy talks can resolve Indo-Pak dispute

Nawaz & Modi
Nagpur: The NSA level meeting between India and Pakistan appears to be in a mess as the latter’s insistence on inclusion of talks with Kashmiri separatists and Kashmir dispute into the discussion has not gone down with India. Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday said that Pakistan’s stand on the talks clearly violates the agreement signed between the two nations way back in 1998. Nagpur Today quizzed few senior journalists from the city and sought their take on resolving the long pending issues between the two nations

‘Diplomacy, a game of Chess’
Prakash Dubey, Group Editor, Dainik Bhaskar said only bilateral discussions can resolve the disputes between both the countries. Pakistan had resorted to such tactics in the past too.

However, noteworthy here is that the national advisors from both the countries have different orientation and backgrounds. India’s Ajit Dobhal belongs to Indian Intelligence Agency whereas his Pakistani counterpart is a politician. Both will be having confrontation for the first time.

Nothing can be said of how the two people from differing affiliations and backgrounds will match their discussion, he said. “Diplomacy is like a game of chess where beating is more important than defeating…Anyways the resolution only lies in discussion.”

Pradip MitraCan be Modi’s gameplan
Another senior journalist Pradeep Maitra said the  dispute between India and Pakistan has turned too old and it is high time the two nations should come for the talks across the table. Mutual consent will only resolve the issues rather. Disrupting any talks in between and throwing it under the wraps is wrong.

Both the nations should call for Terror Regulatory Dialogue, he said, adding even if Kashmir is an issue it could be sorted out through talks. “We also need to see it from other perspective too, as it may the case that whatever we are seeing is just a strategy of Narendra Modi’s diplomacy.

The current scheme of things only tarnishes Pakistan’s image on international level, he quipped.

Pak’s internal politics a major hurdleArun Lakhani
CMD of Orange City Waters and Vishwaraj Infrastructure Ltd., Arun Lakhani also advocates the importance of discussion  in order to mend ties between the two nations. “Healthy discussions will be beneficial for both the countries, but Pakistan’s internal politics and instability has been creating hurdles in the way of negotiation.

Now Pakistan should look into the matter more seriously. Only the better bilateral ties will create conducive atmosphere for the healthy relations between both the countries. This will not only improve trade relations but also pave way for the development,” said Lakhani.