Published On : Sat, Jun 8th, 2019

Nagpur hopes for rains as monsoon hits Kerala coast

Nagpur: A couple of days after Nagpur was severely hit by sandstorm and heavy rains, though for very short span, the city again witnessed the weather in mood swing signalling the approaching monsoon that hit Kerala on Saturday.

While the sweltering heat continues to pinch really hard in the city, the weather’s on and off condition did little to bring respite. On Saturday, though maximum temperature in Nagpur witnessed a fall of 3.5 degree Celsius at 43.2 degree C, the heat refused to calm down. Adding to the woes, power remained disrupted in most of the areas, forcing the citizens to face additional wrath of heat.

As the day advanced and approached towards evening the speeding winds again took the city by storm uprooting trees and poles.

However the rains may take more time to finally arrive in Nagpur as the Saturday’s shift only added to humidity later in the evening.