Published On : Thu, Sep 25th, 2014

Nagpur forests turning hotbed of country-made arms’ trade; weapons coming from Bihar, UP!

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Nagpur: The development is scary and could send the chill down the spines. The thick and beautiful forests in north-east borders of Nagpur district have been acquiring a notorious tag of late. Reliable sources reported that these forests have become den of illegal trade of country-made pistols, guns and other lethal weapons.

Not that the Nagpur or Maharashtra police are aware of the illegal arms trade thriving in the thick jungles of bordering Nagpur District. Cops have on umpteen occasions busted the arms trade and put dozens of ‘businessmen’ behind bars but there is no full stop. The lucrative but illegal arms trade has been prospering day in and day out. It has taken the form of a scam and job provider as well.

The deadly stuff is being brought from distance places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other states by easy transport means — Roads and Railways. The illegal arms trade has been flourishing and spreading its dreaded clutches too fast. Most appallingly, the arms have reached hands of criminals who are ruling the roost in nearby villages and towns and Nagpur City as well. The ascending crime rate is ample testimony to the dreadful fact.

The illegal trade got busted when Crime Branch of Nagpur Police the other day arrested a 21-year old youth on the charges of illegally possessing a pistol, magazine and two live cartridges. Nagpur Today had run the report. According to police, the Crime Branch had received a tip off that the accused Mohd Shahrukh alias Samy Shafi Sheikh (21) was in possession of a pistol and some live cartridges. Accordingly, API P M Atulkar and his team laid a trap during patrolling duty and waited near Besa Power House. As per the tip off, Mohd Shahrukh, a resident of Motha Tajbagh, Azad Colony, arrived at the spot. The Crime Branch sleuths, waiting for him, pounced and caught hold of Mohd Shahrukh. On frisking, the cops found a pistol, a magazine and two bullets from the possession of the accused. Since Mohd Shahrukh did not have the license of the pistol, he was arrested under Section 3+25 of Arms Act and Sub-Section 135 of Mumbai Police Act. The pistol, magazine and two bullets were later seized.

Rural points serve best bet for illegal trade

According to sources, the villages and towns namely Fetri, Chakkikhapa, Deolapar, Khapa, Parsheoni, Khaparkheda and other areas near Nagpur are surrounded by thick jungles. These jungles are turning out to be transit points for illegal trade of country-made pistols, guns and other weapons in massive proportions. The anti-social elements spread across the areas including Nagpur and Vidarbha as a whole are missing no opportunity to grab the arms in dark hours ostensibly for their nefarious designs.

Pistols starts @ 7k only!

Sources further said that the country-made pistols are easily available at a price of Rs 7000-8000 only. In fact, there is lucrative package, too. One can have the deadly country-made revolver or pistol or gun for Rs 10,000 with five cartridges as bonus!! With profit ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 per weapon, more and more elements are turning ‘elite’ businessmen. The business is done in a well-planned manner. First the place is fixed. The deal is instant. On one hand give money and take the stuff with other. No credit. The only condition is that the cartridges are given at other opportune time and at other place. The modus operandi is drawn to dodge the police, said the sources.

Sophisticated arms make entry

Apart from Desi Katta (Country-made pistol with single round fire), the illegal trade sometimes goes hi-tech with deals of Mauser guns (Ten-round fire), Sixer guns (Six-round fire), and rifles (single round fire) of lethal class, stated the sources. The arms are mainly brought from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other distance area through road transport and railways. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are hotspots for procuring such cheap but dangerous weapons as country-made pistols and guns are produced in gigantic proportions in illegal factories that are in large numbers. The only question is: From where the cartridges come?