Published On : Mon, Jul 6th, 2020

Various types of Accommodation Available for Students

Higher studies call for going to big, reputed colleges, moving cities, moving countries. It calls for going away from your home, to a place and try making it as comfortable as possible. One of the main concerns that people face during sending their kids out of the home or out of the country for studying is regarding accommodation. Parents want the safest and the most comfortable accommodation for their children while considering the rent and other additional expenses.  Money also becomes the main concern. Student accommodation prices can be compared and selected. There are a lot of options available to a person and they can select the type of accommodation which fits them and fulfills all their requirements.

There are different types of accommodation that one can go for like-

  • Studio: The studio is a multi-purpose room. It is designed to serve multiple purposes in one room. It combines the functions of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen within a single big space. It is designed in such a way to suit all the requirements. It is generally cheaper to rent a studio than other accommodation. It is generally considered as the best option related to money aspects also and about suitability also. A single person can live. It reduces the efforts that go into maintaining a different number of rooms. For students going abroad, this comes out to be a decent choice for living.
  • On-campus accommodation: This is the most common form of accommodation. It’s the most traditional form. The college campus has a separate wing for the living of students. It usually comes under the maintenance, control, and supervision of the college authorities. It has rooms and mostly has common bathrooms. It is divided into two parts, for boys, and girls. Parents prefer this form of accommodation the most since it is safe and is in the limits of the college. There are proper systems of supervision by the colleges. Also, they are within the college campus, so it saves a lot of time which otherwise could have been wasted in commuting to college and backward.
  • Private halls of residences: These are separate flats or blocks dedicated to the purpose of students. It has students in all its rooms. It usually has a common kitchen and sometimes common bathrooms. These are like hostels but they aren’t under colleges’ authorities. Sometimes the colleges make a private contract for such blocks or flats to provide accommodation to their students when they don’t have enough space to provide one in their college. It is generally suitable for students who are living in homes and are going away to study for the first time. They won’t be alone here and will be surrounded by classmates only. They are usually near or around the campus to provide easy access to students to the college.
  • Shared apartments: Shared apartments mean an apartment is shared between 2-4 people. Each person is allotted a separate lockable room. They have a common kitchen and living room. It usually becomes cost-efficient since the rent is divided among students. It becomes easy to manage the place and all the expenses are equally divided which makes it easier for everyone. Also, it becomes safe when there are more people around in a different city. Bathrooms are also most probably common unless needed separately and mentioned to the owner who may or may not provide the same. Concerning cost, this type becomes very efficient.
  • Shared en-suite: En-suite rooms are a single room with an attached bathroom. Shared en-suite would be when 2 people share a room which has attached bathroom. These are private or dorm-style rooms. They are characterized by a lot of privacy. These are suitable for couples. Or there can be 2 or more private rooms in an apartment which has a common bathroom for the people living there. Summarizing it, it may have a room with twin sharing and a bathroom or it may have 2-3 rooms with a common bathroom and a living room. The rent varies according to the occupancy chosen. It is suitable for couples who are studying.
  • Dual occupancy studio: Dual occupancy studio is like a simple studio but it is shared with another person. Like a studio, it has a common room that serves the purpose of a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. It is a very reasonable form of accommodation. It becomes easy to manage a small space and with dual occupancy, it further eases the process. The rent and other expenses also get divided making it more reasonable. This form of accommodation is simplest and makes it easy for students to just focus on their studies since other additional works regarding space are eased out with another person helping with it.
  • En-suite: En-suite means having a small private room with a bathroom attached. It is like a dorm styled room. In an apartment, there can be multiple en-suite. These are characterized by a lot of privacy. These rooms have a common kitchen and a living room. It’s a place with separate private rooms except the cooking is together. These rooms usually are a little expensive than others since they are privately taken. However, it allows the students to adjust their schedule according to themselves without getting affected by any other person. The total rent and other expenses are divided among the students living in en-suites.

Various forms of accommodation have been discussed. One can select according to their requirements and their budgets. However few things must be kept in mind while deciding the place of accommodation-

  • It is better to have it near the college premises to avoid long hours of commuting.
  • It must be taken in a safe locality.
  • It should be preferred where other students are along.
  • Ensure that the charges commensurate the facilities being provided.
  • It needs to be ensured that other essential services are available to children.
  • The availability of good food also needs to be ensured.
  • Before making the final decision check upon the place by yourself.
  • Take feedback from previous as well as existing students living there.