Published On : Wed, Nov 18th, 2020

Nagpur COC to operate State’s single emergency helpline — 112 — from R-Day

Nagpur: City Operation Centre (COC) is all set to operate Maharashtra’s centralised emergency response helpline in Nagpur, which is likely to become operational on Republic Day, 2021. Once functional, the helpline — 112 — will eventually replace all other emergency numbers.

The Maharashtra Police awarded a five-year contract to Mahindra Defence to set up and operate two control rooms in Nagpur and Navi Mumbai. The police have also acquired office space at COC for its secondary contact centre, besides Navi Mumbai for its primary contact centre.

All personnel receiving calls will be civilian employees of Mahindra Defence while police personnel will work at the contact centres in supervisory roles.

A senior police official informed Nagpur Today that 30% of all calls will be routed to Nagpur and the rest to Navi Mumbai. “Until the new helpline number becomes popular and citizens get habituated to using it, it will exist alongside 100 and 108. The calls made to 100 and 108 will also be attended to at the two contact centres,” he added.

In line with the Mumbai Police’s emergency response system, the state police’s new system will also see police vehicles fitted with GPS systems. The personnel receiving calls at the two contact centres will forward calls to respective district control rooms, which will direct the nearest vehicle to the site of the emergency.

Location tracking will enable both district control rooms and the contact centres to monitor the time it takes for help to reach those in need of it. The cops will log the time each call is received, when a police vehicle reaches the site, what help it provides and what time the call ends. This will allow police to analyse their response.