Published On : Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

Nagpur city witnesses its first-ever lung donation at New Era Hospital

Nagpur: On Friday, September 20, Nagpur city witnessed its first-ever lung donation. This is the first lung donation for the city and the third lung donation of Nagpur zone. Through this noble gesture, the brain-dead donor has helped save four lives who were waitlisted for an organ transplant.

The organ donation took place at New Era Hospital, along with lungs the family of the deceased donor also donated his kidneys and liver. This was the 57th organ donation in Nagpur City. And the first lung retrieval for Nagpur City.

Natthuji Akhaduji Wanjari, a 58-year-old man, was declared brain-dead by doctors. He was being treated for a stroke. His wife and children consented to donate his organs.

Natthuji Wanjari, Telegram Technician of BSNL was admitted with complaints of arm pain, vomiting and profuse sweating on Sept. 17 at Seven Star hospital, Jagnade Square, Nagpur. He was diagnosed to have an ischaemic stroke. The team of doctors treated him but his condition deteriorated and required ventilator support.

Dr Sandeep Nagmote, counselled the patient’s relatives about organ donation. The donors relative Laxman Urade explained the importance of Organ donation to save the life of end-stage patients to his wife and son. They readily agreed to give written consent. For organ donation, the patient was shifted to nearby transplant centre, New era Hospital.

While speaking to Portal My Medical Mantra, Veena Vathore, organ donation coordinator from ZTCC Nagpur, said, “This is the first lung retrieval in Nagpur city and third in the Nagpur zone. Initially, his family was only willing to donate his heart. But after counselling, they were willing to donate the other organs as well.”

Lungs has an ischemic time of 4 hours like heart. Which means it should be transplanted within four hours after retrieval.

Since the viability of the lungs were just 4 hours a special green corridor was created. Lungs, two kidneys, and a liver were donated. The lungs were sent to Global Hospitals in Mumbai where they were transplanted on a 38-year-old female. While one kidney was transplanted on a patient at New Era Hospital, Nagpur the other kidney was transplanted on a patient a Wockhardt Hospital in Nagpur. While the liver was sent to a hospital in the state of Chhattisgarh and transplanted on a 54-year-old man at New Era Hospital.

The guidance was provided by Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre-(ZTCC), Nagpur President – Dr Vibhavari Dani, Secretary – Dr Ravi Wankhede. Kidney Liver & Subcommittee Chairperson Dr V. L. Gupta and Dr Vijendra Kirnake, Retrieval and Transplantation were coordinated by Nagpur Zone coordinator Mrs Veena Wathore.