Published On : Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

Nagpur City through the eyes of a newcomer


The moment you come out of the airport premises, one can behold lush green trees on both sides of the road and the obvious Metro construction which is underway. Soon you are in a concrete jungle with trees disappearing from sight with scanty numbers after a block or two.

One is led to think that Nagpur probably is a mix of greens and greys and it’s these green patches adds a calm look to it. However, as you traverse down on the roads, it’s a different story all together!

Nagpur has had better roads, so I have heard, but it’s the maintenance that has brought it to its current state. Nagpur is a peaceful city and as soon as one enters, there is a soothing effect to one’s mind. This is probably what people love about this city and never want to leave. They would rather ditch Mumbai or even Delhi to prefer setting up permanent residence in Nagpur. It is one city which one can exit after travelling for five kilometers on any direction.

In a few days, after one makes a couple of friends, one gets to know the hotspots of Nagpur-Futala Lake, Dharampeth aka D-peth, Sitabuldi, Ramdaspeth, etc. So as an exploratory endeavour, one is taken to “The Futala Lake”, and as soon as one beholds the Lake premises, one is led to realize why people love this spot. A lake on one side and food joints on the other. Take a long walk and then feed your hunger at these joints. The wind blowing on your face through the waters and the Sun shining through the horizon is a masterpiece of God. However, the sad part of this hotspot is that, the entire stretch is covered with dirt and pollution overpowering and marring the beauty of it. It is us as visitors who are ruining Futala Lake, which once saw a larger crowd compared to the present times.

The next destination especially for the GeNext is of-course Dharampeth, it is the new market area of Nagpur. From Haldirams to your favorite brand, it is a one stop destination for all. It will be lying when one says that it is the busiest area where finding a parking is a tough task.

Suggestion: if you live nearby, walk; but if you live a little far, use a two-wheeler since it can be parked pretty much anywhere.

Sitabuldi is the old city area where it is defined by its street market and of course, the traffic. This market comes alive at night, much like its various counterparts and is also known for the range of food it offers that can make anyone go *nom-nom*. From road side delicacies to high-end restaurants, you will never go hungry over here. But if you want to experience the raw flavour of confusion and traffic going haywire, it’s a must. Ramdaspeth, is the area known to cater the high-flying Nagpurians, if you are looking for high end and posh restaurants, cafes and gyms to visit and spending a fortune of their services does not pinch your pockets, go ahead!

The other major attractions include The Zero Mile Stone, is a monument locating the geographical centre of colonial India in the city. The Diamond Crossing because the Indian Railway line crosses from North-South and East-West! Then there is the Tiger Gap Cemetery, which has many British soldiers and officials buried even today. The beautiful All Saints Cathedral Church is an architectural landmark in Nagpur. The Nagpur GPO was once a very important post office before the Independence.

Nagpur is also filled with foodies! There is no part of the city where you won’t find at least one restaurant or food joint. From authentic Soaji cuisine to Chinese and Continental, there is nothing you won’t find over here.

For a newcomer, one may find Nagpur as a little slow or a little fast depending on the place from where you come from. But in fact, it is a city for people who want to find peace but also not lose touch of the ‘city’ aspect.

—Chhavi Shejwalkar