Published On : Thu, Feb 21st, 2013
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Nagpur boy creates music system for bikes

Nagpur News: “The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Edgar Allan Poe

Yes, he believed in his dreams. He dreamt with open eyes. For, he believes dreams seen through open eyes are nearer to reality. People called him a day –dreamer. He laughed it off. And today, he achieved the first step of his dream. 19-year-old Abhijeet Khadakhadi, a B Sc Computer Science student of Dr Ambedkar College, dreams to lead the business world of India like the Ambanis and Birlas. And in this adolescent age of 19, he took his step towards his dream.

Abhijeet, who is Computer genius, has invented a music system for two-wheelers. Yes, two-wheelers. A music system which is as durable as a music system in cars is much cheaper than those. Speaking about his invention, excited Abhijeet said, “I dream to work for myself. I want to be the master of my work and I am working hard for it.” Abhijeet always had nurtured the idea of being different from the rest of the world. He wanted to make a name for himself in a unique way. Since childhood, he knew what he wanted. He participated in many science competitions and the tender age of 13, he won a science exhibition-cum-competition in which he prepared a model for coal transferring machine for Koradi Power Plant.

Informing about his new invention, enthusiastic Abhijeet said, “After winning science competitions, I had gained confidence. And now, I wanted to invent something which would be affordable to everyone. I designed a music system for two-wheelers. ‘Fusion Audio System’ as I call it, the system has a display screen, USB port, FM radio, volume control, mobile charging point and many more. I have put all possible and feasible features in it.”

Abhijeet, who belongs to a poor family and son of a MIDC worker, had worked day in and out for two long months for the system to work. The system is highly durable and is controlled with a remote sensor which covers a range of around 100 meters. Explaining further about this ‘Fusion Audio System’, Abhijeet added, “The system can be placed in two-wheelers very easily, especially bikes. I have fixed it in a gap on the wind shield, just below the horn and indicator switch unit on my bike. And the system gets charged with the bike’ power system itself and so, there is no need to take the system everytime for charging.”

Explaining why the system is affordable to common people, Abhijeet proudly said, “The manufacturing value of this system is Rs 600 while I have decided to sell it at Rs 1,000 which is cheaper than any smartphone or iPod. Thus, even a common man can afford this system and enjoy the variety of music of India and abroad. Though, it takes around three hours to install the system in any bike, but once it is installed, it doesn’t need any maintenance.”

Clarifying about the issue of ban on listening music while driving, Abhijeet said that he had attached a speaker to the device so that the biker could hear the music without breaking any law. Meanwhile, he was working to attach a head phone for the pillion, so that both rider and pillion could enjoy the music. “I want both rider and pillion to enjoy the ride,” explained Abhijeet with a pleasant smile.

Narrating how he got the permission for this music system, Abhijeet informed that he had got the music system patent from Mumbai and thus, he was the only person authorized to sell the device.  “I gave presentation of my product at the Patent Office in Mumbai. The officials were impressed and informed me that this is the first in its kind device designed for two-wheelers in India,” said Abhijeet proudly.

Abhijeet has already launched this system in market and has received a overwhelming response from all age groups. Though, he has installed this device in only 8-10 bikes till now, but it’s an overwhelming response since no brand is associated with it.

“This system is just a beginning. I have dreams bigger than this and I know I can achieve them with my hard work,” said a confident Abhijeet while concluding the conversation.