Published On : Sat, Jun 1st, 2013

Best Engineering Courses and Branches

Nagpur News: Choosing a good career is very important. The time when we are supposed to choose our career/course to do is after passing the 12th standard. This is where your school life ends. You start a new chapter in your life- college life! It is up to you to select the path. This article will just describe you about various courses that you can do after your school life (12th science). In the end, the choice is yours. You have to decide your own path!

Earlier, there used to be less courses on the offering. Students had less choice. Science students opted for BSc, Engineering or Medicine. Further, the courses offered in the above programs were basic and traditional. Let me give you an example- earlier, engineering was all about Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemical. Later with time, trades like IT, EC, Plastic Engineering etc were added.


Now, there are so many courses on the offering that students don’t even know about many of them! So, this article will help you to know more about many ‘unknown’ courses that you can do after 12th science!

First of all, let us concentrate on Engineering:

Engineering branches-

#Electrical Engineering-

Related to electricity- its production, transmission and management. An evergreen branch when it comes to job opportunities!

#Mechanical Engineering-

Related to machines, their working, parts manufacturing etc. Again, an evergreen branch when it comes to job opportunities!

#Civil Engineering-

Construction of buildings and structures, surveying land etc.

# Chemical Engineering-

All about chemicals, their production, management etc.

#Computer Engineering-

Related to programming software, computers etc.

#Production Engineering-

Managing and overseeing the production and processes of a factory.

# Information Technology-

Managing Information, data etc.

#Electronics and Communications Engineering-

Related to electronics items and their systems

#Food Processing Engineering-

Related to food, its processing, new technologies related to food etc

#Power Engineering-

Related to electrical engg. All about production, transmission and management of power.

#Biomedical Engineering-

Combination of Engineering and Medical Science.

# Automobile Engineering-

Related to vehicles- designing them, their parts etc.

#Aeronautical Engineering-

Related to aviation. Maintaining and designing aeroplanes.

#Marine Engineering-

Catering the Engineering requirements in a ship.

#Environmental Engineering-

Using technology to improve our environment.

#Plastic Engineering-

Designing plastic products, developing new type of plastic etc.

#Textile Engineering-

All about designing machines for textile industry, developing new materials for clothing etc.

#Rubber Engineering-

Designing new products, developing new technology for rubber products etc.

#Petroleum Engineering-

Refining and producing petrol and by-products, developing new technology for it etc.

#Material Engineering-

Studying about various materials, their uses, properties etc. Developing new technology.

#Instrumentation and Control Engineering-

Related to automation, making control systems etc.

#Sound Engineering-

Related to sound systems, equipment, editing sound etc.

#Mechatronics Engineering-

Combination of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering.

#Mining Technology Engineering-

Related to mining equipments, technology etc.

#Agricultural Engineering-

Using Engineering technology to increase agricultural production.

So that’s all folks! Too many branches to choose from! But before choosing your trade, make sure that you like it. If you like what you do, then you are more likely to get success! Also make sure that you get admission in a good college. Best of luck folks!